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Help for MSN TV (Web TV) Users

PictureTrail provides MSN TV users three options to upload pics to their accounts:

  1. Upload freeze frames of TV or External Video/Camera Input
  2. Forward emails with picture attachments to your account.
  3. Copy pics from your MSN TV scrapbook to your PictureTrail account.

See below for how-to details for the above options:

Upload freeze frames of TV or External Video/Camera Input

Click the Upload Pics link in the top tab bar in the members area. This will take you to a page that shows a projector icon. Clicking on the projector icon will provide a choice of TV or External Video/Digicam input.Once you make your selection, you can:

  1. Freeze a frame of your TV input.
  2. Freeze a frame of your video recorder input connected to the external jack of your MSN TV unit.
  3. Select a photo from your digital camera attached to the external jack of your MSN TV unit.
Please refer to your MSN TV manual for details on connecting a video camera or digital camera to the external jack of your MSN TV unit. Digital Cameras are supported by just a few versions of the MSN TV units.

Then click on the "Upload Picture Now" button below the projector icon. This will upload the selected pic to the Inbox of your PictureTrail account. You can then move the picture from the Picture Inbox to one of your albums to share with friends and family online.

Forward emails with picture attachments

MSN TV users can forward emails with picture attachments to their PictureTrail account. Please follow the steps below:
  1. Have your friends send you an email with a picture attachment. More than one picture can be attached to each email. Then log into the members area of your picturetrail account. You do this by doing the following:
  2. Go to
  3. Click on "Member Login" in the top tab bar.
  4. Log in with your username/password
  5. In the members area, click on "Upload Pics" in the top tab bar
  6. Click on "Email Uploader" towards the top middle of the page.
  7. The following page will provide instructions on how to forward the email you have with the picture attachment to your PictureTrail Picture Inbox.
  8. Once you forward the email to your PictureTrail Picture Inbox, the attached pictures will show up in your Picture Inbox in about five minutes. In the Members Area, click on "Picture Inbox" in the top tab bar. This will take you to your Picture Inbox where you can then transfer the pics from your Picture Inbox to one of the albums in your account.
Copying Pics From Your MSN TV Scrapbook

This Help Section has been made possible with the help of Sunshine, one of our wonderfully helpful members. She can be reached at
  1. Add your pics to your MSN TV scrapbook.
  2. Create a Web Page using the MSN TV page builder.
  3. Click on "Add an Item" This will take you to a new page with a few choices on it. Click on "Scrapbook".
  4. Now you should be on the page that shows your pics. Click on the pic you want to add to your created Web Page. You can add all your pics to the created Web Page before you publish it or after adding each pic.
  5. Publish the Web Page. This will enable you to get the URL (Web Address) for the Web Page you just created.
  6. Once your page is published. The next page you should see is. "Your webpage is now on the web". Click on the web address at the top of the page and your page should show up on your screen.
  7. The URL (Web Address) should look something like this:


    Where YourEmailName is the name you selected for your WebTV email address. If your email address is Then YourEmailName is johnsmith

    And webcategory is the category you selected to create your Web Page in.

  8. Hit your goto button and erase the web address already in the box. Then click on "show current" or "show last". Make sure the (URL) web address that now shows up is of your created Web Page. Cut and copy the URL that shows up in the box.

  9. Go to Webscissors Source Viewer Once at Webscissors, place the URL in the box at the top & click on show images.

  10. Then it will show you all the .jpg images for that Web Page. Copy each .jpg image name on a piece of paper. Then click on details for an image and it will show you the basic URL where the images are stored. It will look something like this:

    Where the complete URL of each image will look something like:

  11. Copy the above basic URL. You will use this basic URL to transfer the images to your PictureTrail account.
  12. Go to your PictureTrail account, into the members area. In the members area, click on "Upload Pics" in the top tab bar. Then towards the top of the page click on "Transfer Web Pics".
  13. Paste the basic URL into the input box requesting the URL for the image into the first box. For example:

    Then type one of the image file names to the end of the basic URL so that the URL now looks something like:

    If you want to move more then one image to your PictureTrail Inbox, repeat the steps above for the 2nd and 3rd, etc boxes below the first box. With each box you will add a different image file name to the basic URL.
  14. Go to the bottom of the page and click on the "Copy to Inbox" button (make sure you click this button once only.) You will then see in the left blue sidebar the number of pics in your inbox has increased to indicate the pics have been copied to your inbox.
  15. Now click on the "Picture Inbox" link in the top tab bar and move the pics to your albums in your account. (Make sure there is at least one album created in your account. To verify this, on the Main page of the members area, you should be able to see at least one album titled something like "My Album")

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