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PictureTrail Introduces Service to Upload Images from Mobile Phones

San Francisco, California, July 12, 2004 - PictureTrail, a popular photo sharing site, announced support for wireless image uploads from mobile devices. "With the accelerating adoption of camera phones by consumers, wireless image uploads become a logical extension to the online photo sharing experience," said Val D'Souza, President of PictureTrail. Wireless image uploads are supported by providing destination email addresses unique to not only each member account but also to each album within the account thus providing maximum flexibility to members.

PictureTrail's wireless upload support is unique when compared to options provided by photo blogging sites. Whereas photo bloggers are limited to upload their camera phone images to the current day's directory, PictureTrail allows its users to indicate the specific album within the account to which to upload images, or to the account's inbox for further processing. Wireless upload support is part of PictureTrail's larger plan to provide comprehensive and novel solutions in the wireless digital imaging arena in coming months.

About PictureTrail, Inc.

Launched in 2000, PictureTrail, Inc. is a popular photo sharing portal where members can display, print and host images. PictureTrail offers its members features to customize their online photo albums with captions, music and background styles and provides different levels of accessibility to friends, family, business associates, online auctions and message boards.

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PictureTrail offers several services that enable you to express yourself. Photo sharing, cool photo slideshows, and image hosting will enhance your online community experience. We also host personal homepages which enable you to build your own social networking community right here on PT. We support myspace layout codes as well as music and web widgets from anywhere on the web!

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