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judisdolls Online Photos

WPA picture directions
51 photos - step by step pictures of WPA consturction
WPA reproduction doll with Hinge legs
20 photos - Pictures of my reproduction of a WPA doll
My Sister Val's sculpted dolls
15 photos - Cernit and Super Sculpey sculptures with wired cloth bodies
Museum Display Dolls and Pictures
105 photos - My reproductions of antique Cloth Dolls for the Sandy Spring Museum
Our house in Delaware 2012
47 photos - Pics of our house
Old Dolls
34 photos - Pictures of dolls I am redoing or repairing.
Bare Baby
5 photos - Pics of Bare Baby
Hannah, my new trunk challenge doll
16 photos - This doll was Maggie.
Antique Wooden Doll
37 photos - Pictures of an antique carved doll in want to design in cloth
Napkin/Sisters doll
9 photos - A simple doll who will be a free pattern at the doll net.
Molly my little Monkey
11 photos - The design process forMolly
Violet and Ruby
11 photos - Cloth dolls designed with the permission of E. J. Taylor.
Bleuette Manikin
18 photos - The new Bleuette Manikin for Soft Dolls and later for Bleudoor and my web site
Sarahanna and Annasarah
11 photos - My new Topsy Turvy babies
Organic Wall Angel
7 photos - Mine and soon others Wall Angels
Baby Bows
14 photos - A simple baby for gifts and for kids to help make
Bleuette In Cloth
60 photos - Pics of one of my little Bleuettes for an online class
One Of A Kind Dolls
28 photos - OOAK dolls sold or for sale
Let's Make a Baby
60 photos - My Holiday Baby Project
Baby Hand Lesson
24 photos - Making a baby hand/fist with simple techniques
Easter Baby
6 photos - A commission Baby for Easter