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Ermengarde Tenderstone
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Location: Athens

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Last Login: 3/4/2014


  About Me
"a heart of stone, but a tender stone"

Yes I can be a bit harsh sometimes when I see bigotry, hatred, suffering, struggle, and injustice in the world. But when I'm being harsh it's not anger or hatred, those are emotions I avoid and have learned to do without. But it is often a form of tough love, trying to do the Madea thing sort of (gosh she reminds me of me!!) so I can help people become better beings. You know, the way your parents or authority figures might get stern with you when you really need it? And then you get a perspective and learn something about yourself and the way life works?

Yes, that type of tough love. Because I care, and I love everyone, and I pray for the most eggregious, because they should have the peace and happiness I have, and in my life people have had to put me in my place, and it was a blessing, so although I'm still a work in progress, I'm so very blessed with insight and wisdom, and that's something I want everybody to have.

So everything I do in life has that ultimate loving and compassionate objective behind it, and if I get a little TOO passionate sometimes, forgive me, and remember, it's all out of love and caring that I do what I do and say what I say.

Also, allow for the fact that tone is often hard to correctly perceive in print, so don't presume I'm hateful or angry, I'm just passionate!!

Blessings to all! much love <3

Ermengarde's Interests
About Me: Granny Ermengarde Tenderstone:
I am the mother of one wonderful daughter, Jasmine Bianca, and granny to her three children, Bianca Serenity - Lorenzo Raphael - Karina Jasmine
The Meaning Of LIfe:
"The meaning of life is to live a life of meaning." ~~Robert Browning
On a scale of one to ten, life is an eleven, because I am blessed with an understanding of the Mystic Law, which gives me perfect inner peace and indestructible happiness in spite of the struggles in the world that make my heart ache for others.
Interests & Hobbies:
Writer at Bubblews.com
Crochet Maven
Songwriter and Poet
Granny Nanny to my precious grandchildren
Animal Lover, Rescuer and Activist
Deeply Spiritual
Social and Political Issues
Gardening and Landscaping
TV Shows:
Forensic Files
Lie To Me
Law & Order
Favorite Music & Bands:
U2 -- favorite band ever (met them too)
Leonard Cohen -- favorite male solo artist
Janis Joplin -- favorite female artist
Favorite Movies:
To Kill A Mockingbird
Favorite People You Know:
Jesus the Christ
Jasmine Bianca
Bianca Serenity Esperanza
Lorenzo Raphael
Karina Jasmine
Favorite Celebrities:
Russell Brand
Bono Vox
Alan Grayson
Elizabeth Warren
Favorite Reads:
White Lotus by John Hersey

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  Posted on 12/17/2013 12:44 PM

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Hello, thanks for the welcome. I had forgotten I even had this account until I googled myself to see what came up LOL.

Posted by: grannytenderstone 2014-03-04
Hi, I'm Michael from PT member support. We hope you take the time to customize your personal profile on PictureTrail and have fun with it! We offer many customization and messaging options in the members area. Want to turn off this profile option? Click Here.
Posted by: michael 2013-12-17
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