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Jackie in Cincy's collection

Welcome to my corner on the net. I have been collecting fashion dolls since about 1990. Started with Barbie, went on to Gene and when Tyler came out in 1999/2000 she and later her friends quickly became the center of my collection. I bought my first Sydney repaint in 2003, and became totally hooked. The repaint bug hit me hard, and for a while I focused my collection in that direction. I still have a core group of repainted Tonners that I love and never see myself parting with, although my collecting focus has now changed. I bought my first BJD in 2004 and for a while was content to keep the resin numbers at a minimum. In 2009 I bought my first Iplehouse EID doll, and as soon as he arrived, I knew my focus would be shifting. I felt that I had finally found THE doll line I had always been looking for. I've always had a very soft spot for a good looking man, LOL. Even while collecting Tonner repaints, I tended to gravitate to the repainted male dolls over the females. The Iplehouse EID male dolls are works of art. The body and facial scultps look like real men, not boys playing at being men, as many of the BJD's have been in the past. THey have totally won my heart, and continue to be my greatest source of inspiration. I am constantly revising the pics in my albums getting rid of the old and replacing with the new....so sit back, grab a cup of coffee, or beverage of choice and enjoy.  
Other BJD Misc
27 photos -
2 photos - 5th Motif's Venitu sculpt
Freedom Teller Reviews
39 photos - Pictures from FT Supporter reviews
35 photos - Iple JID Ryan
Blaine 2
11 photos - More pics of Blaine (Soo by Lyn Raftis)
BJD Items For Sale
18 photos -
15 photos -
Boone and Blaine
34 photos - The twins by Lyn Raftis
Wrath and Beth
27 photos - Based on Black Dagger Brotherhood characters
Khalid and Delana
37 photos - Iplehouse Luo and Narae60 2/3
Gregori and Moira
40 photos -
Uphir and Miranda
52 photos - In My Dreams
V and Jane
29 photos - Vishous and Jane by Lyn Raftis
46 photos -
Butch aka Braden
67 photos - EID Akando Gentle Smiling head face up by Lyn Raftis
Butch aka Braden 2
28 photos - More of Iplehouse Gentle Akando
60 photos - SE EID Akando
Callan/Rhage 2
43 photos - Iplehouse EID SE Akando
55 photos - Iple RS Chase by Lyn Raftis
Qhuinn album2
18 photos -
65 photos - Iplehouse WS Luo by SDink
Wrath aka Gregori
31 photos - WS Luo vamp by SDink
50 photos - Iplehouse Luo Strongman
Khalid 2
62 photos -
Khalid Take 3
50 photos -
57 photos - IPlehouse EID SE Luo by Lyn Raftis
Kamal Take 2
53 photos - More of Kamal, SE Luo by Lyn Raftis
Kamal album 3
36 photos -
58 photos - Iplehouse EID Kamau
Tariq take 2
36 photos - NC EID Kamau
44 photos - Iplehouse EID Model Tedros
Mencheres v.2
69 photos - Iplehouse EID Tokyo Tedros
More of Mencheres
9 photos - Iple Tokyo Tedros
55 photos - Iplehouse LT Kamau by Lyn Raftis
Bahne Take 2
36 photos - More of Iple Lt Brown Kamau by Lyn Raftis
59 photos - Leekeworld Mihael/SD17 hybrid
Boone Take 2
3 photos -
79 photos - Iplehouse SID Soo
51 photos - Iplehouse EID WS Jessica by Lyn Raftis
More of Moira
38 photos -
Beth aka Moira
37 photos -
43 photos - Iple Lt Brown Jessica by Lyn Raftis
50 photos - Iplehouse EID Ashanti by Lyn Raftis
Bashira II
28 photos -
63 photos - Iple SID Eva by Lyn Raftis
54 photos - Iplehouse EID Asa by Lyn Raftis
Shay album2
25 photos -
50 photos - Tanning Mature Narae
Miranda 2
32 photos - Narindolls Mature Narae by Xtremedolls
My BJD Dolls
60 photos - Pics of my BJD family
My BJD's pt.2
57 photos -
My BJD's pt. 3
27 photos - Pt. 3
BJD Pairings
34 photos - Various pics of some of my BJD pairings
BJD Pairings pt. 2
62 photos - BJD couples past and present
BJD Pairings Pt.3
25 photos -
On Angels wings
40 photos - Fairyland Ante,Pipi and Piki
LittleFee Angels
7 photos - More of my LittleFee angels
Fairyland Fun
43 photos - Pics of my Fairyland dolls together
30 photos - Choco Puki Pipi
Rhage and Mary
5 photos - Iple Akando and Yur
27 photos - Fairyland's Realpuki Soso
23 photos - Soom Idealian Pangen by Lyn Raftis
5 photos - Soom Sard Humanish by Lyn Raftis
35 photos - Narindoll 57cm Narae 2/3 sculpt
Gone Not Forgotten...
49 photos - BJD's that have found new homes.
Gone Not Forgotten
95 photos - BJD's that have relocated
Gone Not Forgotten 3
75 photos -
41 photos - A look around my dollroom
Tonner's Old Hollywood
8 photos - Tonner Old Hollywood likenesses
FM Gone with the Wind
48 photos - GWTW from the Franklin Mint
Tonner Gone With The Wind
45 photos - Tonner Gone with the Wind dolls
Tonner Gone with the Wind 2
27 photos - Dolls from Tonners Gone With the Wind line
Cary by JACS
37 photos - Cary Grant likeness
Clark by JACS
26 photos - Clark Gable likeness
Ian by Tracy Weston
7 photos - Jeremy Voss repaint by Tracy Weston
ALger and Keith-the McCharmy brothers
35 photos - repaints of the Price sculpt by Tracy Weston and Laurie Leigh
Bryce by Tracy Weston
10 photos - Matt repaint by Tracy Weston
Rico by LN Harris
10 photos - Matt repaint by Ellen Harris
Quinn and Colin by Sonya Giddens
43 photos - Russell and Matt repaints by Sonya
Mitch by Cristy Stone
8 photos - Matt repaint by Cristy Stone
Simon by Halo
22 photos - Matt repaint by Sam at Halo Repaints
Bastion by Tamara Casey
12 photos - Basil repaint by DesignsbyJude(Tamara Casey)
Neo by Dalila
15 photos - University Sean repaint by Dalila
Warrick by Doll Me Up
19 photos - Russell repaint by Deborah Ruth of Doll Me Up
Zeke and Justin-More JACS Men
35 photos - Matt and Peter Parker repaints by Jenny Sutherland of JACS
11 photos - Lord Asriel repaint by Joe Bourland
Repaints: Couples and Group shots
37 photos -
Repaints: More couples and group shots...
50 photos -
Repaints: Even more couples and group shots
50 photos -
Mia by Amy Harmon
11 photos -
Breck and Shye by Ellen Harris
22 photos -
Lettie by Beautifulfaces
11 photos -
Starstudio Girls...
29 photos - Repaints by Vanessa Tull
Lana by Tracy Weston
17 photos -
Gabi by DesignsbyMichele
25 photos -
The Dollsalon girls
40 photos - Repaints by Jenise Mah
Krista by Kristen Ashford
21 photos -
Doll Me Up Repaints.
22 photos - Tara, Charlie and Hallie by Deborah Ruth at Doll Me Up
Repaints by Gena Claire
23 photos - Claire and Esme
Sydney Chase
15 photos -
Regina Wentworth
21 photos - UFDC special edition 2005
Angelina and Charlotte
23 photos - Tonners Angelina and Charlotte sculpts
Tonners Asian sculpts
11 photos - Mei Li, Mameha and Carrie
57 photos - Tonner's Antoinette
Antoinette 2
10 photos - Antoinette
Tonner's Men
27 photos - Tonner factory mandolls
Emme and friends
21 photos - Tonner plus size models...
Marley and friends
36 photos - Tylers little sister and her friends Alice, Dorothy and Lyra
Here Come the Brides
42 photos - Tonner girls in wedding gowns
Tonner's lingerie and peignors
32 photos - Tonner's lingerie and peignor sets
Alex and Friends
48 photos - Miscellaneous pics of Alex and friends
MA's Paris, Jadde and Sofia
39 photos - ALex's friends Paris, Jadde and Sofia
MA's Aunt Amanda Fairchild
27 photos - friend of Alex
Kinetics and Avantguards
34 photos - Gone but not forgotten
Riley and friends in the spring/summer
70 photos -
Riley gets Patriotic
16 photos - Riley celebrates Memorial Day and 4th of July
Riley in the fall
48 photos - Includes Halloween and Thanksgiving with the Kish kids.
Riley in the fall vol.2
7 photos -
Riley's fall family photos
16 photos - Riley and her friends with their families.
Riley at Christmas
50 photos - Christmas with the Kish kids and their families
Riley at Christmas II
43 photos - More Pics of Riley andher family and friends at Christmas
Riley's world Winter photos
46 photos - Riley by Helen Kish and her friends and family
Doll Family photos
48 photos - Miscellaneous photos of the Kish kids families
Riley and friends on Valentines Day
25 photos - Valentine themed photos of the Kish/Tonner families
Riley's Easter
6 photos - PIcs of Riley and Friends at Easter time
Riley and friends misc.
5 photos -
Family photos - 18 Photos