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My name is William [Bill] Young. Thank you for visiting . For discussions on any of my work you can find me on my discussion site at http://wmyoung.proboards.com/


Bowls From a Board etc.
All items in this album were made from stacked rings from flat boards

98 Photos


7 Photos

Lathe Turned Bowls and Platters
valleyview@wynndel.ca for price quotes

32 Photos

Bottle Stoppers and Key Rings
valleyview@wynndel.ca for quotes

6 Photos

Hand Crafted Pens
valleyview@wynndel.ca for price quotes

85 Photos

Wood Lathe Turnings
valleyview@wynndel.ca for price quotes

103 Photos

Miscellaneous Wood Lathe Turnings
valleyview@wynndel.ca for price quotes

55 Photos

Flat Work. (cutting boards etc.)
valleyview@wynndel.ca for price quotes

2 Photos

Pyrography (wood burning)
valleyview@wynndel.ca for price quotes

8 Photos

My Shop
A Little Tour of My Tools And Supplies

71 Photos

Bandsaw Boxes
Enjoy Your Tour Of My Various Photo Albums

13 Photos

Portraits and Plaques Made of Wood

22 Photos

Some Woods I Use For Woodworking

21 Photos

3-D and Puzzles
3-D Scolling and Scroll Sawed Wood Puzzles

28 Photos

This Site Was Last Edited April 17 by William Young

38 Photos

View From My Shop and Some Outside Stuff

17 Photos

Big Ben Clock Tower Construction
This clock was started April 26, 2004

6 Photos

Baltic Birch Clocks
Lower priced Clocks Made with Very Stable Baltic Birch Plywood.

6 Photos

Construction Of Dome Clock
This Clock Was Started Jan. 22/2004 and Completed Feb. 13/2004

20 Photos

Largest Clocks

7 Photos


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