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THE MOUNTAIN DWELLER: Welcome to my humble home in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia. I hope you enjoy the ever-changing pictures of my primitive home.

I love early primitive antiques, and anything that bears the human touch of how much they treasured their belongings. I am the keeper of these items, and feel honored they have found the way to my home. I feel blessed to have "met" so many nice people who have enjoyed this picture trail. However, please, out of respect for me, I ask that my pictures not be copied or pinned to Pinterest without my permission. I would prefer that choice to be mine. Thanks to everyone who has been so kind and supportive. 
Falling back in love with Fall; 2014

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32 Photos

A breath of spring...
Hoping and watching for the signs of Spring.

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A new look for a new year: 2014
I have moved in a new piece which has caused a new look for my dining room.

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Kitchen and Dining room pictures

47 Photos

Keeping room and hearth pictures

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A Few favorites: Closer view

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A Simple Christmas

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Jenny's Cabin
Here are some pictures of my sister-in-law's cabin on Christmas Eve

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Autumn is Calling 2013
Starting the wonderful transition into Fall

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Fall Show 2013
A few pictures from our Fall Show, Winfield WV Creek Cabin Festival

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Change of the Season: Summer 2013

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Change of the Season: Spring 2013

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Change of the Season: Autumn 2012
Just a few pictures of fall decorating

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Change of the Season: Christmas 2012

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