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theguysfromtexas Online Photos


Pop-Up Advent Calendar
To debut at Good Sam -Showcase of Miniatures 2015

7 Photos

A Frank Conversation
Ode to F.L. Wright

3 Photos

Wigilia - A Polish Christmas

9 Photos

Le Chat Botte
The original Puss n' Boots

22 Photos

Shoji Paper Tutorial
Applying Paper to Shoji Frames

17 Photos

Landscaping Tutorial for theTeahouse
step by step to complete the landscaped base

27 Photos

Teahouse Tutorial
Step by Step Instructions for Finishing the Teahouse of the Paper Moon

82 Photos

Tea House of the Paper Moon
Featured Workshop at Good Sam Show 2012

5 Photos

"Cypress and Fog"
New 1" Workshop!

4 Photos

Work in Progress
18th Century French House

7 Photos

"Casa Abuelita" 1/4" Santa Fe Adobe
New workshop!

19 Photos

"Tick-Tock Diner"
New 1/4" Scale Workshop!

10 Photos

Evening at the Uptown
Philly 2007 Workshop NEW INTERIOR PICTURES!

6 Photos

"Grand" Movie Theater

8 Photos

Cocoa Beach Motel
New 1/4" Workshop ! New Interior Pics!

13 Photos

"Momma's Kitchen - Complete Set"
3 Rooms in Canisters

7 Photos