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theduchess Online Photos

Crocheted items
6 photos -
26 photos - any and all projects related to isolani
20 photos - My work with dominos
shrink plastic
8 photos - pins made with shrink
17 photos - a sampling of cards that I have made
T-shirt designs
8 photos - Shirts that I have done with both iron on techniques and painting techniques
The family and home
58 photos - my living treasures and Bethlehem
26 photos - Various dimensional projects I have done
Irene's little RR
37 photos - work done in our RR of books/journals. I have to make triptychs for each book
convention photos
5 photos -
12 photos - pins made from various materials
8 photos - Some samples I have done for Stamp Companies
5 photos - various swaps that I am doing