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Guestbook for: glassmajik
pam: wow, you have done alot of glass over the years--it's all pretty stunning when you look at it all together. you are such a talented and unique person, i am blessed to have you as my friend...... love you, pam
August 16, 2007 1:27PM

Dick Miller: am very impressed. Posted: Mar. 23, 2007
March 23, 2007 8:50AM

Margaret: Hi Tamara! You are the QUEEN GODDESS of stained glass (which, of course, is second only to your status as my dearest friend). Mom and Dad absolutely love the window you did for their dining room, as does everyone who sees it. It is absolutely gorgeous! I, of course, love my dragon, my fairie, my window moon, and all my incredibly stunning jewelry you have made for me. You are talented in everything you do, and you have the best heart. Love you, girlfriend! Margaret
March 21, 2007 6:08PM

joni j fesler: Hey Girl, Don't know if you want to talk to me, but saw your picture in the paper and didn't know you were living out here. We are living in Apple Valley also. Would sure like to talk to you so get hold of me by dropping me an e-mail. Jimmy is now in the Navy and when he gets out he will be going to college. You wouldn't recognize him now. My baby has grown up. He is in Illinois now he just graduated from boot camp and is in school to learn his rate. He will be coming home on leave for xmas. Haven't seen him for three months now . Hope you get in touch with me, even though we didn't part on very good terms but i think sylvia had a lot to do with that she was spreading things and telling me stuff that you were saying against me and i didn't know what to believe.Well gotta go for now, hope to hear from you. Joni
November 8, 2003 10:50PM

your sister Dustyann: Sis, THANK YOU for spending this time with us! Bryan and i LOVED having you there to share in the moment! THANX for loading these pictures so fast! I LOVE YOU! I MISS YOU already! Talk to you soon! Your sister FOREVER! Dustyann
September 17, 2001 12:22AM

Grace: Tam, You pictures of the beautiful window and Hawaii are wonderful! Your window is lovely and we are so proud of you! So glad that you had this Opportunity to do such a great and loving tribute to your Dad. Hugs & kisses, Your Mommy
April 7, 2001 10:29AM

pam: Tamara, you have really outdone yourself this time. what a work of art!!!! love you, Pam
April 5, 2001 4:17PM

Dina Kerik: Tamara, received the link for your site from a gal we both love - Birdie Trefeathers. Remarkable artistic work. What a great gift you were blessed with!
March 24, 2001 8:35AM

June Penland: Hi Tamara, I loved your site. My sister Linda Jeffers told me about your work, it is incredible.
March 21, 2001 7:19PM

Kristin works with Lee: It looks wonderful. Lee talks of nothing else. I hope you all have a great trip.
March 18, 2001 10:27AM

Lois: your always in my thoughts and prayers! love lois
March 16, 2001 6:29AM

Phil & Sharon Moyer: Dear Tam Your window is truly a work of love. I am happy and proud of you for all the work and effort that you have put into this project. Phil & Sharon
March 15, 2001 5:30PM

Mary Dietrich: Dear Tamara...Love hearing from you and am so proud of your accomplishments. You have God given talents and are using them well. Your safe trip and dedication are in our prayers and those of our prayer groups. Blessings to the family. Wish we could be with you. Kauii is our favorite island. We spent several days there. Love to all...Mary D
March 15, 2001 12:04AM

linda Jeffers: Tamara your site is great I really enjoyed looking through it,And the window is absoultly incredible,I hope you have a great trip to the Islands.. Love lots Linda
March 14, 2001 10:53PM

Glenice & Craig: Tammy, This is so beautiful! I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am. And your website is something else. I wish we were able to be with you at the dedication. (The tears will really be flowing that day.) It would mean so much to be there with everyone. We already had a trip planned to visit Lois and it won't work for us to take the time off to go to HI. Please give everyone a big HUG and our love. We will surely be thinking of you all. GOOD WORK! Love, Glenice and Craig
March 5, 2001 3:58PM

Aunt Juanita and Uncle George: Hey, Tamera, THIS IS GREAT! The window is beautiful. It is hard to imagine how you could actually make such a work of art! What an incredible tribute to your dad! At this point we THINK Ronda, her kids and George and I will get to come on March 30 and stay most of the week. It is their spring break. George and I have to be in Jamaica on April 6, leaving from home, but we really want to come for the dedication. I talked to Glenn last night and he says he can make arrangements. Guess it will be quite a crowd. Hope all of your final work on the window goes well once you get to Hawaii. We'll see you soon! Love, Aunt Juanita
March 4, 2001 4:42PM

Glenn and Mary: Aloha, We are finally figuring out how to really enjoy your updated pics if a huge and really super project. Everything is looking sooo great! What can we do to help you in preparing for the various steps, including shipping, your work and work space here, what we will need to do to prepare for your coming. We will have a car here (Mark's) so you won't need to rend one, and there will be plenty of room for you, your friend, Jenny and her daughter, and anyone else coming for a wonderful time together.
March 2, 2001 12:14AM

charlie Henderson: thank you for sharing this with me. Love, Charlie
February 17, 2001 3:38PM

Jordan: Hi Mom.
October 16, 2000 7:57PM

Phil & Sharon: Your work is wonderfull as usual. I looks great on the net keep it up.
October 4, 2000 5:03PM

Grace: Tam, I loved viewing all of your pics! Especially the Fae at Santa Barbara Solstice. LOL I copied all of your stainglass pics to have to show to people here. I will try and send you some of mine later. Love ya & Miss you Sweetie, Hugs, gmc
September 24, 2000 11:22AM

Lee: very nice- good idea
September 20, 2000 6:33PM

dustyann: Hi sister, very nice pictures. Thanx for sharing. i love you, dustyann
September 20, 2000 10:07AM

Beckie: Tamara, I Have downloaded some pics for you as you requested! I really enjoyed looking at your pic....... Think I will make one of my own, what fun. Love ya, Beckie
September 20, 2000 9:36AM

Lois: too cool! love ya
September 20, 2000 9:21AM

Char: Tam! Great pics! Thanks for sharing!
September 20, 2000 9:11AM