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Guestbook for: lee1991
azcountrycousins: Hello Lee1991, We just viewed your family album and they are very precious! You definately have a beautiful family and the dog is so sweet too! The photo you posted of your drums ... those are awsome! In our little country band we have a four piece drum set which includes the bass, symbals and snare... we could really enjoy a set like yours being played by a pro. We truly enjoyed the ablum. Have a great weekend and perhaps someday we could listen to some of your music.... Jeanne and the Arizona Country Cousins Band
July 20, 2007 2:26PM

£§Ä _Mz _ Rö×Ý: h3y wut up.. w3ll ur pag3 is 1 of a kind huh?? u got som3 cameras goin on in w3ll, THANKX 4 joIniin ma clubs "BROWNPRID3" & "2PAC LOV3RZ"... dis b3 ur N3W homIta _Mz _ R !
July 11, 2006 12:56PM