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Guestbook for: sueburne
pearl: oh what a feast for the eyes! tell me do you/have ever shown your pieces in the sunderland glass centre?.
March 16, 2010 5:27AM

Sandra Douglas: Thank you for sharing Sue! Nice presentation and your off to a great start! Are you familiar with the glass chipping process? Steve also used the copper foiling. I will try and find a picture of one of the leaded glass pieces that I have incorporating his glass carving, glass chipping and copper foiling; art nouveau It was a window he did for a lady on a remodeling project; also a great carpenter!
February 18, 2010 12:33PM

Ann Manderson: Hello Sue, Larry showed me your artwork. I have never come across such a world class artist and multi-tasker in my life! I loved everything I saw and my favourites are the glass cheese cover with the mouse and your paintings! Thank you very much for sharing your artwork with us. It brightened my day. Ann
August 15, 2008 10:13AM

Larry Manderson: Sue thankyou for letting me see your picture album. It is great and looks like a lovely part of the world where you live. I am envious that you can grow cacti outdoors! Garden looks a paradise by the way congrats! Love from Larry to all your family!
July 23, 2008 3:30AM

Alexander: Hi, friend! I'm a pyrographer too, and I like it very much! If you want to visit me: Your visit will be a great moment! Best regards, Alexander
March 20, 2008 9:50AM

Maura: Hi Sue, just took a stroll through your albums. Very impressive too, wonderful fine quality on your glass work. Coming from a fellow craftsman thats high praise indeed. thanks for allowing me to look. Maura
March 7, 2007 12:16AM

Joe K.: Extraordinary, beautiful work; had an emotional response to it.
September 10, 2006 5:45PM

Antonio from Sicilia: Ciao Sue , complimenti , sei veramente grande, i tuoi lavori sono graficamente molto puliti , in particolare sono affascinato dai draghi. Complimenti di cuore Antonio
May 30, 2006 11:22AM

Renee': Sue, Your work is so beautiful, you are a very talented artist. I too am a pyrographer. I only hope to be a good as you are one day....
February 25, 2006 8:55PM

Ngoc L: Hi Sue, You are so talent, all of your arts are so wonderful a special glass engraving with excellent details, I just try to do some engraving on wine glass for my friend's Birthday, but when I saw your engraving Wow! I can't believe you did awsome work. Thank for share your arts with us. Best Regards, from Darwin, NT Australia.
September 9, 2005 7:24AM

Pamela Carico: Sue, Your work is awesome! It inspires me tremendously. Thanks for your compliments on my work. It means a lot.
September 3, 2005 6:56PM

mandie: wow Sue the garden at the van is coming on great. Cant wait to see the next installment of pics. Mandie xx
August 16, 2005 9:05AM

Deanna: Lovely work. It's very nice. As an upcoming artist, in the photography department, it's a lovely thing to see other people who do it and influence your own work.
August 5, 2005 6:35AM

David Johnson: Thank you for sharing your web site. Your beautiful work is most inspiring.Although I have only done pyrography of late, the glass etchings are grand. Thanks again
August 4, 2005 6:32PM

Alison: Sue, your work is BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't wait for my husband to come home to show him. Thank you for the compliment on my work. I'm trying really hard to improve and looking at so many other artists excellent work is a defininate help!
June 21, 2005 3:12PM

eurica: I was looking for succulents and google send me to you! All is well as i enjoyed your art. especially the dragon. Not so sure about my aloe, but maybe you would enjoy my cats. If you have time.
May 15, 2005 2:10AM

Keleigh: from Florida, USA. Sue you are a very talented lady. All your work is exquisite!
April 5, 2005 1:24AM

Nancy Boitos: Hello Sue! I took a peek at all your work, WOW! It's beautiful! I love your glass work! It's hard to believe someone actally did that by hand! You've inspired me! Thank you!
March 29, 2005 1:20PM

March 9, 2005 4:00PM Sue, I never look at others work, but had to see yours for some strange reason. Your work is amazing and inspiring. I really enjoyed your oils. My favorite is the one of a storm in the water with red skies and dark waters. I am from Connecticut and I appreciate beautiful landscapes. I do not have the knack for landscapes. My work is mostly faces and personalities in the music business. I am venturing out doing animals now. Feel free to take a peek. Best Reguards and continued Success!
February 2, 2005 5:56AM

Bill T: u do great work is your work done, by using a power tool or cream for ecting
January 28, 2005 9:02PM

Rita Burton: Sue, it looked at your sugarcraft work , really stunning, my sister does the same is indeed an art. i must look at your other work also. well done .
January 23, 2005 2:54PM

Kate Burne: Hellooo Mum, yay it's all great, thought I might say hello, and I spotted Dad in the mirror on that photo of you and Charles Kennedy! he he!
December 2, 2004 6:53AM

Kate Burne:
December 2, 2004 6:52AM

John.: Hello Sue,it has been a delight viewing your work,such patience to achieve those wonderful results. I loved your village sketches too,you have a great talent. God Bless You and your lovely family. John from Yorkshire.
November 9, 2004 10:46AM

Sarah: hello mum, just thought I say hi, and there's still the horrible picture of me in the paper up. never mind, I'll forgive you. hey everyone, isn't my mum clever!!!!!!
October 28, 2004 3:59PM

betty toull: sue i have looked again at your sight and and had a long look this time and i must say what a brillant talent you have well done
July 12, 2004 5:13PM

John: I have so enjoyed looking through your gallery - very beautiful work and absolutely love the dragon glass; just one of many excellent projects. Thank you for sharing them.
July 11, 2004 7:22AM

Steve: Your work is great! I have really enjoyed looking at your work and home. You are a very talented person. It's been a real peasure to view your albums.
May 24, 2004 5:46AM

Susan: You left a note in my guestbook, so I came to look.... WOW - you are way out of my league, Sue.
May 20, 2004 8:39PM

Pedro EL GATO: Those are some HOT pictures
May 10, 2004 10:26PM

Frankie: Hi, from Quebec! I was going to ask you about your sugar flowers! Then saw your glass engraved album..WOW! You do magnificent work on anything you do!!! Can you email some info about any books, instructions and molds for the sugar craft? Especially small molds....Next interested in glass engraving too. Can you tell me the addy for the yahoo group? Thanks
May 5, 2004 12:45PM

timothy: Hi, Timothy from Ghana,saying you are very kind as i see your pictures,abd i want you to be my friend.Thank you.
April 28, 2004 3:22PM

Gina: I absolutely love your work Sue. You are a true inspiration for me. I look forward to seeing more. Gina
April 16, 2004 5:11PM

hassan: your work is exellent,especially i like that colored pyrography pictures.keep up ur good work.
April 12, 2004 11:25AM

Tim: Hi Sue, Hello from Ohio. Just wanted to say that you are very talented and I love your work. I am new to pyrography and I enjoy it. After seeing your glass engraving I would like to give it a try some day. Keep up the good work and god bless.
February 21, 2004 5:17AM

Felicia Crawford: I feel like I've been on a mini-tour of Sommerset. Very nice Sue; wonderful works and pics! Felicia
January 3, 2004 9:19AM

Robert Boyer: Fantastic work, fantastic sight. I am in awe of your talent. I am setting up a informational website soon. Who did that great one for you? Robert Boyer, The Detail Master
December 17, 2003 7:16AM

jeremy butler: good job very interesting
December 11, 2003 2:14PM

Buddy Long: Hello Lady I must say im into glass engraving and you are doing some beutiful work. Don't stop what you doing may GOD drive your way looks like he has control of those fingers. Your New freind Buddy Long
December 3, 2003 7:34AM

Thais: Hi Sue. I was just visiting your latest engravings album. Can't tell from the picture - are there any mermaids in the Eddystone light picture? Do you know the song, "My Father Was the Keeper of the Eddystone Light"? Excellent work by the way!! Thais
December 2, 2003 6:45AM

C.E. Michaels': As soon as my web site is up and running again I will send you the web site so toy can see the work I did for some Movie stars and in sone of the biger casinos in Reno nevada
November 29, 2003 2:11PM

Ellie Walker: Just finished looking through your gallery of glass and everyone was just beautiful Ellie
November 24, 2003 9:48PM

Snorri Hansson: I really like your work. Snorri Akureyri, Iceland
November 9, 2003 3:52AM

Judith Hanson: Hi Sue, I have enjoyed looking at your web page and it has given me some ideas to use with my guide unit in Pleasant Point. I have 21 girls and at times it is hard to think of new ideas for them as fillers at camp or at guide time Many thanks for all your great ideas. Judith
November 6, 2003 1:53PM

pete drewett: hi sue from pete drewett ,NSW Australia,,l`ve just joined the pyro-group,,thanx for sharing your work,,lm in the process of getting website together, so you will be able to view my work soon luv the piece of the bearded old man,, more soon pete
October 24, 2003 5:32PM

John: Hi Sue, Very good artwoork. Really enjoyed your paintings! I am an artist living in Saskatchewan, Canada, and love painting a lot. If you have a few moments have a look at some samples of my creations: and love to hear from you. Have a great day! John
September 1, 2003 11:08AM

david: hey.. i love your music, would you mind tell me where you got it. thanks.
July 20, 2003 7:15AM

Brent: Bravo!!!! Great woodburning art my hats of to you keep up the great work!!!
June 27, 2003 9:03PM

Happy Face (Yesenia): Hello, I think your work is wonderful!~! It shows a lot of hard work. :) Good JOB!~! P.S. U don't know me... but any time ... e-mail me:)
June 23, 2003 9:41PM

Tracey: Your work is beautiful! I'm a recent beginner in pyrography, and have just tried engraving - I'm having great fun, but nothing like your work. It's really lovely - you have such great talent. Wonderful!
April 23, 2003 2:40AM

ali cameron: Dear Sue was just having a nose through your site after you replied to me. i must say i thought your glass engraving was magic and your landscapes something else specialy the woodland walk and mountain lake-what atmosphere you captured!!!
April 20, 2003 3:32AM

scottieeck: Sue, I've been here many times before, and am embarrassed that I have never signed your book. All of your artwork is absolutely beautiful. You are an extremely talented and diverse lady, and it is my pleasure to be associated with you!!!!!!! love, scottie
April 12, 2003 6:06AM

Jeanne: I can't believe I've never signed before. I'm sorry. Your work is awesome. It takes my breath away. You have such wonderful, varied talents, and you sure know what to do with them. I am honored to know you and be able to see the wonderful things you've done.
April 1, 2003 6:11PM

Laurie "Punk" Wilson: hI Sue! Your stuff is just so phenominal! You never cease to amaze me with your multi talents and fantastic artistry. It's a pleasure knowing an artist of your quality. See you on the pyrographer!
April 1, 2003 3:16PM

Gary E. George: Dear Sue, Loved going through all your albums. Thank you for checking out my work. Yours Truly, Gary
March 23, 2003 6:25PM

Burning Luv: I just looked at your engravings and they are exquisite, as well as your burnings. I had to show my boyfriend you dragon vase. He's into dragons. He loved it. I think everyone does. Keep up the good work.
March 23, 2003 2:18PM

Arlene: Sue: I came for a short visit so I could show Dave your lovely glass engravings. Here I am an hour later...I got so caught up in all your artwork! You are an amazingly talented woman. I just love all of your work, from your tiny Christmas decorations, to the oil paintings, sketches, calligraphy, are an inspiration! Sue, I had a lovely tour of Somerset via the slide show feature...Thank You! ...Ar.
March 22, 2003 9:31PM

curt: sue, your work is amazing, your attention to detail floors me. i have recently purchased a book that gave me the idea to do wooden spoons, yours are great, keep up the good work. curt from bwpfireart
February 24, 2003 10:21PM

Gary E.: Thank you for your welcome into the group. I loved going through your albums,you are very gifted. Gary E.
February 23, 2003 6:46PM

Dann: Hello Sue, Love your work! Please don't tell anyone but I hold down a job as well as woodburn. My day starts at 4am and runs till 10 or 11 pm. Keep burning, Dann
February 20, 2003 4:31PM

Pat Lawrence: Hi Sue, My what wonderful things you have created. I am enjoying my trip through your albums. It is always fun to see the art of others. Keep up the excellent work. God bless. My albums are at
February 12, 2003 5:23PM

Allen: Beautiful quilt squares Sue. I'm envious of the lucky folks that get one of them! As Lynda the says, the detail is extraordinary. Thanks for posting them, I enjoyed visiting your site here. Well Done!
February 12, 2003 5:23AM

Lynda: Greetings Sue :^) Loved your squares! Very intricate detailing to be sure!! Have spent a most enjoyable afternoon visiting your albums..thanks for posting your link on the board again..has made a dreary, blizzardy day here in Canada all the better for seeing your works!
February 11, 2003 2:32PM

samantha: Hi I love your pyro art and was just wondering what is acyrlic ink and where can I get it. I live in the US and have done Pyro art since the 70's. Your entire album was very enjoyable, You are very best sam.
January 27, 2003 3:47AM

Hazel: Hi Sue it was so nice to come across your web site and to se such wonderful things that you have done. I was bought a solid point machine for Christmas but would like to attend some form of workshop. Do you run a workshop or do you know of one that I could attens. i live in Hertfordshire but would be willing to travel. Thanks for your time, Hazel
January 4, 2003 9:07AM

Paula: Sue I just loved looking at your site so much. You are so very versitle with your art work extremly talented and I would like to thank you also for the info on the wire burner they got it here so fast and I love it so thank-you for your help
December 29, 2002 1:00PM

Lauren: I was looking at your link again, to find out that you have a guestbook also! I looking around and also seen some other pictures that I didnt see the first time. I'm even more impressed, keep up the good work! ;) hehe
June 21, 2002 8:35AM

Fred Andserson: Hi Sue,Just looked at your albums again and still remain in awe over your talents also enjoyed the tour of the beautiful part of the world you live in. Fred Anderson
May 9, 2002 2:54PM

Bay: Great pics!! I love them. What country are you from?? Those pics dont look like they are the united states..too pretty for that! lol check out my album if you have time bay_n_grants_babe
May 1, 2002 11:48AM

Larry Mattson: Thanks for the beautiful stroll through your amazing talents! Larry in Orlando Florida, USA
May 1, 2002 8:13AM

Jan (UK): very impressive........
April 30, 2002 6:12AM

Cassy: Very stunning work
April 28, 2002 2:51PM

April 25, 2002 4:11PM

Judy Sweet: Sue, what incredible talent you have! I enjoyed looking at all your many creations. What a lovely family too.
April 24, 2002 7:11AM

Allan Richardson: Hi suburne I think your work is very good you should take up etching It would soot your work very much. Im a member of Glasgow Print Studio I have been involved in etching for a few it is a good medeam to work in. here is my website keep up the good work. Allan Richardson
April 19, 2002 5:36PM

Eida Mare: You are a very talent lady! im a crafted design too,is all my life! and i invite you to visit my gallery parchment.
April 11, 2002 6:01PM

Lorain: The sketches of your village are just fabulous. I love them all. How luckey you are to live there. I expected to see Miss Marple walking to the post office. great art work lorain in Barrie Ontario Canada
April 8, 2002 9:37AM

Marge: How pretty these are. I love flowers. Mom told me recently that her mom (as I knew) and her grandmother both had a lot of flowers. My daughter does too. I crochet and give away afghans. I should soon have 6 to give away. Some to family some to others.
April 8, 2002 9:06AM

Andy: What beautiful artwork! I didn't see any walruses, though, but some people just don't find them as picturesque as I do. If you might like to see my stuffed walrus' album, it's at ... he loves your art, too!
March 27, 2002 1:07PM

Bob Benson: Thank you for signing my guest book and for sharing your beautiful talent with me. Superb is the one thing that comes to mind.
March 26, 2002 1:04PM

Julie: As always, I enjoy viewing your work. You have a wonderful talent and it inspires us to keep creating and growing. Thank you for sharing your talent and knowledge.
March 11, 2002 8:27AM

Cindy Gates: Hi Sue, Thanks for your response and the info! I have the cold porcelain! I didn't know it was the same as what you use. I made the roses for Maggie's and Sarah's hats using the cold porcelain. Your flowers and arangements are just gorgeous! Thanks again!! Cindy
March 9, 2002 12:13PM

Cindy Gates: Hi Sue, Loved all your artwork, especially the Sugarcraft! Can that work on my little dolls? (decorations on the dresses) How long does the Sugarcraft pieces last? By the way, thank you for the lovely compliments on my dolls! How did you find my albums? Are you on the Yahoo mini doll list? Thanks for sharing your albums with me! Cindy Gates
March 9, 2002 9:39AM

Mark Westlund: Sue, your work is excellent in all media. Thank you for steering me to it. I also like your husband, Pete's, turning is very good. Thanks! Mark
February 23, 2002 8:29PM

Ernie Thompson: GREAT album, FANTASTIC work. You are one VERY talented lady.
January 2, 2002 2:09PM

Ruby: Sue, All I have to say is your work is breathtaking. Thank you for sharing. Have a happy day :o) Ruby
November 20, 2001 10:08AM

Elizabeth: I saw you book because it was mentioned on w/c glass chat. I enjoyed seeing all of your handiwork, you are very talented, your work is beautiful. I espicially liked the "sugar" flowers. Elizabeth
November 19, 2001 10:31PM

susan: Hi Sue, Is it possible to hire you for a few calligraphy projects? Thanks
November 13, 2001 12:20AM

manny: I like cat.Poppy is wonderfu.[I writeing Enging a lilten]I like your picture.
November 11, 2001 2:34AM

Vicki_Vera: What a delightful time I have spent on this muggy, overcast day here in Arkansas USA ...ooohing and aaahing over every picture of your wonderful, creative works of art in all of your albums!!! You are soooo talented!!! Thank-You so much for sharing! A lurking in the shadows member of IAPA... V_V Wood U please sign my guestbook ... Thanx
November 10, 2001 4:10PM

Gilli: Brilliant! You are a very talented artist, I loved all your works. Keep up the good work
October 30, 2001 12:08AM

Janet: Hi Sue, Have just been through your beautiful creations again and am still totally swept away with how talented you are. My goodness, I hope that I will be a quarter as good as you at my burnings someday. Keep up the good work pretty lady. Hugs, Janet
October 24, 2001 5:58PM

Jan (UK): Hi Sue, You are truely talented! Your wood spirit is amazing, no one would believe it was your first go! I saw your paintings for the first time too and have fallen in love with the woodland walk. A true artist. Well done, Jan
October 23, 2001 1:30PM

Eric Webb: Thanks Sue. I am glad you sent me your website details. I am going back to find out more about what ypu do. Eric
October 20, 2001 4:55PM

Jan (UK): Sue, Just Brilliant. The tie is very impressive and the dragon box is amazing. Have to ask.. what is the box made out of? and what colour medium did you use? Your work is extremely good. Jan
October 18, 2001 4:29PM

John G: Hello Sue. What can I say?.........Outstanding! Such diverse talents and jolly good at all of them. Thanks for letting me take a peek.
October 18, 2001 8:44AM

Connie: WOW!!!!!!!! Love your artwork and all the different things you burn on, must be nice to have someone to do woodturnings.... must keep your mind busy trying to figure out what you will burn on the next one eh ? Keep up the GREAT work! Going back to drool over some of your other artwork.
October 14, 2001 3:56PM

Fran Rehn: Sue, you are truly gifted! I really enjoyed visiting your albums. The variety is astounding! And, such a beautiful family! An inspiration to us all! And I just bet you enjoy every single minute - it shows!
October 4, 2001 5:42AM

Janet: Sue, WOW, I did not know of all your talents...just came out of all your crafts, and have to say every one of them are wonderful. You are lucky to have Pete to help you with the wood, but the basic idea is doing something with it after you get it. You have it made in the talent dept. for sure. I have never heard of Sugarart before, and they are super. Your etching on glass is also super, can't say enough about your talent. You are such a great inspiration to us starters, and you belong at the top of the list of professionals. Thanks for the help, Janet :)
August 31, 2001 12:17PM

Richard & Cha: Helloooooo Sue, you do awesome work... WE really enjoyed looking through all your art work!!! I Richard, am going to the museum of fine arts school... I would love to do, as good as you in the near future. Please keep posting, looking forward to seeing more of your awesome art, Richard & Cha
August 25, 2001 2:59PM

D.&E.Campbell: Hi Sue, very impressed. Mikes wife will be here soon , but oly for the weekend. Best regards Eve & Duncan
August 21, 2001 1:45AM