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April 24, 2009 9:28AM

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January 29, 2009 4:22PM

jayne m.: wow, i am in tyler and was surprised you live so close. i am writing a novel and you are inspiring taking me to places i have never been before, it will influence my writing with decriptive emotions. a devout christian. jm
October 15, 2007 7:08PM

SANDRA: Es hermoso ver que hay Hermanos en la fe de CRISTO, preocupados por llevar una esperanza al mundo. amen! tal vez no me entiendan pero el amor es universal.
January 23, 2007 9:36AM

bestnana1: Gene, I praise God for people like you. And I'm sure God delights in your work. You will be blessed abundantly, although I'm sure you have already been blessed a lot. Thank you for sharing your albums, your love for people and most of all your love for God. Just seeing these pictures make me appreciate so much more of what I have.
December 25, 2006 11:56AM

Thomas M.: Thanks for sharing these great pictures! Shalom from Switzerland! Thomas (
October 3, 2006 8:26AM

Glenda: What wonderful & sometimes heartbreaking photos. I have just signed on as a member to this site & was viewing some others'photos. Wherever you live, thanks for such a vivid photo journey of your good works. God bless!
August 27, 2005 8:27PM

Sam Antonio: I can't believe some of the comments here in your guestbook. Because you are spreading God's love some people feel the need to hate? You are indeed doing the Lord's work and God bless you in your journey. Sam - --- John 14:6
August 11, 2005 1:15AM

Marijke Kempees-Cook: I thoroughly enjoyed your pictures of the Turkana and of Kenya. I was there just a year ago with 12 other church members on a mission trip. We were about 2.5 hours east of Lodwar. Is that familiar to you. The missionaries we stayed with were Gene and Melba Morden, through CMF. Thanks for the memories!
July 14, 2005 2:49PM

hisprincess2004: Hey thanks for the pics of India. I am adopted from India but have never been there.
June 15, 2004 10:22AM

steff: Shalom!God bless you in all your ways!I'm praying for you and i praise the Lord for people like you.How can anyone judge you?!you just share what you believe in,and if that impacts the means they found something stronger to believe in.Me myself i searched something powerfull to believe in...and i finaly found it.i was found,and i found abundant life,happiness,meaning of life,reason of being.I found Jesus and now i say "i would rather die than live without Him".Go on where the Lord guides you and be filled with the Holy Spirit!Carry His love to the nations and cultures!
April 19, 2004 3:34AM

dan watkins:
February 19, 2004 10:54PM

Liz: Hi! I liked the pictures of Vietnam!
September 10, 2003 4:46PM

connie manshardt: Gene, as always I injoy looking at your pictures you bring back home with you. Our prayers go out to you and the people in the villiages. It's nice to see holymen become "holymen" in our Lord Jesus Christ. connie
July 11, 2003 2:35PM Gene, I got your message, I am glad you enjoyed the pictures. I am not a missionary but I believe in John 3:16. Have a blessed trip on your next mission. Maranatha.
January 20, 2003 1:56PM I was touched with the pictures, and most of all, the ministry. I have always dreamed to see India, Burma, Nepal, Vietnam, thank you for sharing the pictures with us. Psalms 46, with prayers.
January 20, 2003 11:09AM

Michel: Wonderful pictures... I loved them. Thanks
October 9, 2002 3:14PM

Jim Gilbert: Gene, What a wonderful view into Gods work throught you and all those he calls. I pray that you can keep the faith and keep up the "Good Work" for our Lord. The pictures are great!
April 4, 2002 6:56AM

jung o. kim: Man! How I envy you? I wish I had an opportunity like you have several times a year. God must love you more than me.
November 27, 2001 6:38PM

Billie Mitchell: Great pictures! A little upset about that plaque in that hotel, but it never fails, you typically get things like that when they try to make us look like the bad guys...Keep up the good work!
November 27, 2001 7:21AM

Vicki: Great Albums. Just out of ceariosity, have you gotten any vulger comments in your PictureTrail Guestbook. I have had a few in mine, I think it's very uncalled for. I have deleted them, and turned my guestbook off. Shamefull isn't it? Take care. :o)
October 21, 2001 7:26PM

Thad-Los Angeles: Great photos, looks like fun! Keep rollin. . .
October 19, 2001 12:53PM

Jeana: The pictures were wonderful and most interesting
October 18, 2001 1:38PM

Brent Mcwhirter arizona: thanks for shareing your albums realy enjoyed them thanks.
October 9, 2001 3:39PM

Billie Mitchell: great photos!God bless the work you've been doing and the amount of the people you guys have reached. keep up the good work as long as God wants you to.
September 14, 2001 10:04AM

Jenifer Morgan: Thank You for posting these wonderful photos of such an exciting experience. "Too Actually See" Others Except Jesus Christ as their savior, had to be a wonderful delight! While you and your fellow team members are on your journey in preaching the gospel...May my prayers along with my church family's prayers be with you. May God Bless You....Jenifer Morgan & Christ Church in Oklahoma City
June 11, 2001 2:21PM

jung kim: Gene, great pics and memories! Stay strong and keep up the good work you've been doing. Will there be another days we will take pics in these foreign countries? Thanks for your time loading them.
May 20, 2001 10:07PM

Darla Bronikowski: Thank you all so much for what you do for these people and thank you for bringing a piece of it back to us in your wonderful pictures. May God Bless you!! In Christ, Darla
February 15, 2001 12:38PM

Bill Hoffman: Gene...I am so excited about how Christ is working in your life. Your brother in Christ.
February 13, 2001 7:45PM

Edward T. Murray: Gene, sounds like you are deep into sharing your faith wherever you are called. I will be praying for your safe trip, your ability to reach as many people as is possible, the safe transport of your luggage and the material you are trying to deliver and a safe return. In His Name!!!!
October 10, 2000 9:24AM

Wanda Lerma: Gene, thanks for being so faithfull about sharing your pictures with us. They really bring the missions trips to life. God Bless
May 3, 2000 6:51AM

Sally Smith,RN: Way to go Gene. Sally
April 26, 2000 1:05PM

Shawnette G.: Hey Gene! I just took a look at your photos from all of your mission trips. You really did a good job capturing the feeling of every day life. The pictures of children possibly hearing about Jesus for the first time touched my heart. My son Andrew really liked the animal photos from Africa. He wanted a closer look at the cheetas and lions. He loves studying about animals. We will have to get a color printer so we can print some pictures out for him! We look forward to further picture updates.
April 6, 2000 7:35PM

Bill Hallas: Hi Gene, Just took a look at some of your pictures. You have been to some interesting places. Since I retired, I have been substitute teaching in the McKinney School District but only at the Kindergarten through 5th grade levels. They are closer to your picture of the lion cubs staying by the tree all day until their mother came to get them. Anything older and they would cut down the tree and terrorize the neighborhood. I retired to enjoy myself and I don't need the antics of the older kids. You retired to do something you would enjoy and I can appreciate that. I will check back to see where your adventures have led to next.
March 31, 2000 9:47PM

Jim Gilbert: This is great! I will have to come back when I have time to spend reviewing. PTL for the will!
February 28, 2000 7:38AM

Bill Myers: Thanks for your service!
February 23, 2000 6:33AM

Grace Fitzgerald: Awesome pictures. Especially loved 'holy man' accepting Jesus.... and the healing pictures!!
February 22, 2000 6:22PM

carolyn cravens: Great Pictures. I'll write you later
February 22, 2000 10:47AM