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Guestbook for: razaxnstuff
Sara Jane Douglas: Hello, it was wonderful speaking with you. You have a beautiful website, and it looks like you produce some high quality work. I can tell you are very modest, and you should be very proud of your artistic achievements. I hope you have a splendid time in Florida, and I still think you should set up at a few more shows, or auction some of your work so that others may enjoy for a lifetime. Wishing you the best... Sara Jane :)
September 15, 2011 11:55AM

Richard Brown: Ray, I just wanted to say that I really enjoy seeing your work. I visited your site in order to view your NW Coast style carvings but, enjoyed all of your albums. I had seen Mike Bloomquest's fish that he posted links to on the woodcarvers list serve site and have to agree with your comment about Mr. Reid. I actually have a couple Bill Reid's carvings and consider it an honor to have them to enjoy. I am in the process of building my carving studio area, as we recently moved and I have no where set up to carve at the moment. I hope to have it done very soon so that I can get back to carving myself. Thanks again for taking the time to post all of your wonderful work on the web for us to enjoy. God Bless, Richard Brown Peculiar, MO
May 3, 2010 12:28PM

Doug Neely: Ray, your work is tremendous and very inspiring.Thanks for the tip on the basswood for the moon mask.If mine turn out half as good as yours I will be thankfull. Doug
October 24, 2007 4:44PM

Karin: Hey there! I just wanted to stop in and say hello. I was reading how you got a Laser and I will be getting my laser On may 29th!!! I live in Western NY about aan hr away from you. Nice to meet you. I would love to see some of your laser work your wood work is amazing. I am also looking for some wood to purchase heard you might have some???? My contact is
May 14, 2006 5:49PM

Bill T: Really great work u are doing and sure do like the frames u did and also the truck side pannles. Keep up the great work Bill
January 7, 2006 2:42PM

Bill Russell: Ray, I've been looking through your PT albums and as always I am very impressed. You sure do some beautiful woodcarving and such a variety. Happy New Year!!!
January 2, 2006 7:32AM

Nena: I have to say that your carvings are beautiful! You are very talented!! I started carving about 3 months ago and I use a Dremel. I only hope that my carvings become as beautiful as yours!
August 26, 2005 11:09AM

Thad Hammett: Oh boy what some good carvings, real nice Thad
June 30, 2005 5:27PM

Rev. Mike Wilcox:
February 22, 2005 5:28AM

Ed F.: Ray, You are a very talented carver. I enjoyed your carvings very much. Very nice work. I was especially impressed with the beautiful detail and painting of your NW carvings.
December 19, 2004 6:48PM

Bill: love your work where did u get the pattern for some of them like the eagle
December 19, 2004 8:45AM

maryjo: I am very impressed with all of your work.Maybe someday if I keep my nose to the honning wheel I can get half as good.
November 15, 2004 4:01PM

Merrilee: Hi Ray! What a beautiful finishing to what we saw started in Evart, MI! You have done an excellent job! Thanks for sharing! Merrilee
July 18, 2004 6:11AM

Marcia Berkall (aka Mush): Just checked out your new Acanthus carving. Not only is your carving exceptional, but your sense of design is awesome. Beautiful!
July 17, 2004 3:31PM

Robert Stadtlander: Great Website! Keep up the good work. Bob S.
June 25, 2004 6:15PM

Paul R. Anderson: Congratulations on your fine carvings. I particularly like your North West Coast Indian carvings which are terrific. I love the NWC art, and you have captured it very well. Hopefully I'll have a chance to meet you personally some time in the near future. Enthusiastically, Paul R. Anderson, De Forest, WI
June 22, 2004 9:30AM

Chris: Hello .... love your angel! Better than the original! It is cool to see your version. Take care ... happy carving ..... CJ (Chris) Whillock - Carving Magazine
June 13, 2004 5:38PM

Tom Horton: Ray, Outstanding work. Spent a great 45 minutes going thru your albums. Most inspirational and you have been doing "great" work for a long time. Keep up the great work. Again, it is so inspirating. Oh, yes, even seeing your workbench made me feel better. Guess I am not the only one who uses his table saw table for glue ups, dry fitting etc. How do you get a work bench clean and keep it that way?????
June 11, 2004 9:38AM

Melody: Hi Uncle Ray, Got your web address from Pam. Your work is out of this world! I like the Sea Otter & the 2nd Frog the best!! Your floral panels & guitars are awesome too. Mom & Dad said hello. Can you still make the cricket noise?!
March 26, 2004 11:41AM

Pam: Hi Dad! I love the floral panels, and all the flowers. Post more pics of you, your wife and the house. I love you Dad.
February 23, 2004 7:27PM

Dave Thompson: Ray, you have done some truly fabulous carvings here. The site is very interesting and you are evidently very prolific and talented. I particularly enjoyed seeing some of your earlier and transitional work and noting the progress. Keep up the great work!
January 27, 2004 8:36AM

bernie feinerman: It is a pleasure to get a chance to see your work. Tnak you.
January 9, 2004 11:28AM

WOODBUTCHER JAN: Its early in the morning and you made my day already Ray Some awesome talent you have Thanks for sharing
January 9, 2004 3:48AM

Merrukee (again): Opps! my finger slipped! Thank you for posting your carvings! They are very beautiful. My favorite is the floral panel in your beginning album! Gosh that is beautiful! Merrilee
November 19, 2003 6:39PM

November 19, 2003 6:37PM

Bill Russell: Ray, I took a look at your PT and I have to say it was a very enjoyable visit. I was following the talk about router bits with some interest. I would love to try a challenging project in relief. Ray, guys like you and Bill Judt give me some inspiration to try something....someday. All I can say is fantastic carvings.
November 11, 2003 4:58PM

Fred Quenzer: Ray, Fantastic, I've only gotten half way through your gallery of photos, and am completely blown away. Great work!!! I look forward to seeing you next year at Dmitri's, and as Rick Butz always says "happy carving". Fred
October 29, 2003 5:47AM

Lloyd Skeoch: Hi Ray, I tried sending a message directly to you using the address from your mail to the woodcarver mailing list, but it bounced. I had writen to the list after your invitation to look at the GPO pictures in your album. After looking at the GPO pictures, I went to the rest of your albums. I was particularly fond of your rose carvings, and I was wondering how thick the rose carving that was attached to an oak back was. I am considering doing the same sort of thing, but with a family picture, and i am not sure how thick I need the basswood to avoid any problems. If you had replied to the list, I missed it, so i am still curious. Lloyd
October 4, 2003 9:36AM

Gordon Sorensen: Good to see other pictures of the GPO ,I will be posting my pictures on my web site when I get time. Will be at Joes next year agen .
September 24, 2003 6:12AM

Jack D. Royer: HI Ray, I enjoyed your carvings very much. You do some good and interesting things. Jack
September 24, 2003 12:15AM

September 22, 2003 10:38AM

Pete Farrow: Wonderful work, especially the North West carvings. That is something that I want to attempt. Any suggestions where I should get books etc. with instruction, ideas. I have done them in woodburning and have recently started carving.
August 15, 2003 8:25PM

gordon l smith: I received your Email and looked up your web. I sure like what you have done, don't think I will ever be that good but I enjoy doing it any way .will be getting back with you soon .We are trying to get a house so will be busy for the next few weeks. gordon smith
July 19, 2003 5:26PM