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Guestbook for: phil_hoffman
Keith Williams: Congratulation, this is great work Phil. There is some truly impressive photography on display here. I look forward to seeing some of your current work. It's always inspirational to see nature photography of this caliber, especially of the Yukon.
April 4, 2012 5:03PM

Susan Tataryn: WOW!!!
March 21, 2011 10:13AM

Richard C. Patterson: Just wanted to provide you with a piece of Whitehorse history. One of my uncle's was the Roman Catholic Bishop of the Yukon and Northern British Columbia. Everytime he came for a visit and he would enjoy his visits with the North American side of the family because it gave him a chance to take off his collar and become a civilian. I remain respectfully yours, Richard C. Patterson.
March 1, 2010 7:15PM

CDavisarolyn: Thank-you for taking the time to share your wonderful talent of photography. I truly enjoy outdoor scenery of the US and Canada. My sister lives at Delta Junction, Alaska. I hope to travel there this spring/summer. CJD
March 10, 2008 12:44PM

Carolyn Davis:
March 10, 2008 12:40PM

Jessica Van Blaricom: Hi Phil- Awesome Pictures!! Just looking for an e-mail address for you guys so I can send some pictures of Matthew. Talk to you again Jessica
December 27, 2007 3:29PM

Peter Holdroyd: I am learning to take digital photographs and process them in PhotoShop. Your pictures are really inspirational and aspirational. I found your site because I'm a novelist whose current 'hero' works in the Yukon, and based in Whitehorse, from where he spends much time in the wilderness, and I was looking for research material to help me make sure my descriptions of the countryside around the city is reasonably accurate. Your photos are very helpful in this respect. Some of them bring back fond memories of the brief time my wife and I spent visiting Canada and also Skagway, where we travelled on the White Pass & Yukon Railroad and 'Liarsville'. Great times!
October 7, 2007 2:39AM

Martin Lukens-Rumscheidt: My brother and daughter, plus their partners and children, live in Whitehorse. I've been there numerous times and wished I were younger because then I'd live there too. So, I look at your photos to make up for living in Nova Scotia instead - a beautiful place too. Your work is brilliant and the beauty of what you photograph brings much joy to a Yukoner at heart. I congratulate you on your splendid artistry. - Martin
September 6, 2007 3:38PM

Jill Patrick Marone: Beautiful photos. Thought I would contact you since we are cousins! I have been talking with your parents and would love to hear from you. I live in San Diego - have 3 grown children. If you ever want to visit...c'mon down. Love to see you. Jill
July 13, 2007 4:55PM

gramajg: These are some of the most amazing pictures I have ever seen..truly awsome
April 2, 2007 11:41PM

Heather: Your pictures are beautiful - my son is moving to Whitehorse in April 2007 so I wanted to see pictures of the area. After seeing your photos I can't wait to visit and see all these wonderful places that you have captured so beautifully.
March 29, 2007 4:14PM

Amanda: My husband is going to Whitehorse to film the Canada Games. I was looking for pictures of what he would be seeing when he was there...what I found were photos of heaven on earth!! Thank you, Amanda
February 2, 2007 4:34PM

Dean Miscamble: Thankyou for sharing. Truly inspirational images and photographic technique.
September 27, 2006 8:41AM

Gerry: WOW! A feast for the eyes! don't ever stop making images. A thousand thanks. GRB
July 28, 2006 5:51PM

maria casemore: bella bella capture the truest depths of nature and bring a tear or a awwwwwwwww to ones eye is to have passion for ones field.....thank you
July 22, 2006 5:40PM

dddddd: you should have a copy/paste option on the pictures
June 6, 2006 7:18PM What wonderful events from the polar-lights.Look to my spots from the sun there maked like AR:10486 and more.But I never seen such nice Photos from the disturbances. Look to sorry my bad english
May 27, 2006 11:57AM

Christopher Adams: Incredible. I will come up and visit Chris_ Ridgecrest, CA
February 28, 2006 8:52AM

Rosemarie Kovic: I very much enjoy your web site. The photos are spectacular. I am a novice web master for "" We try to find homes for strays, etc. I found your web site because I was trying to find information on foster care (for animals), and I happened on to your local animal shelter. I loved that site also. I did a search for the town and I have been telling everyone how beatiful your web site is. I live in Fallbrook, California, and it is very warm here. I grew up in Northern Illinois (Great Lakes, Chicago area). I know cold and the beauty of winter. But, I have never seen the Northern Lights. Merry Christmas! Sincerely, Rosemarie Kovic
December 21, 2005 7:48PM

carola MAyorga:
December 6, 2005 10:30AM

Donna: Fantastic Photos. I wish I had the knowledge to do with photos that you have done.
December 1, 2005 8:48AM

Terry Hill: Hello, Phil: Great pictures! The ones of the Northern Lights are awesome. I'm told that there is a DC-9 that is mounted on a pole, and is a giant weathervane. Do you happen to have any pictures of that on your site anywhere? I live in Novi, Michigan, by the way (near Detroit). Thanks. I am going to add your site to my favorites.
October 27, 2005 10:28PM

audrey v.gladue: we are moving there to work @ the native community. but if this is the beauty of the winter skys than I'm sure it will be a nice stay. can you direct me to where i can find picture of yukon,watson lake & dayluu native thank you audrey
October 13, 2005 1:27PM

Yano: Great pictures, congratulations. The infra-red filter pictures were a discovery. Did know it was used for satellite shots, but results are quite interseting for domestique pictures. Good work!
September 18, 2005 8:13PM

August 30, 2005 9:54PM

Dee Wilfur: You have a natural eye for Nature's beauty and a talent for capturing it. Sincerely, dee
August 13, 2005 10:48AM

Gerry McCleave: I'm in hot dirty Brooklyn, Ny and thought I'd take a look at what my son might be viewing as he and 3 friends bike their way from Anchorage to Seattle. They stopped in Whitehorse for some direly needed bike repairs. I'm an artist and love nature - your photos are supremely beautiful. Is this the way it is there? It's like going to a heaven on earth. Thanks for your talent and I most appreciate your time at letting us webbers take a look at Whitehorse and its surroundings.
August 9, 2005 3:59PM

Linda: I can find no words to express the beauty of the photos. I thought Ontario where I live had some great beauty, but it doesn't compare with the Yukon. I hope to one day see it in person. Utterly breathtaking.
June 25, 2005 6:10PM

Martha: Your pictures are absolutely breathtaking. I am leaving for a trip through Alaska and Western Canada soon. I hope I see some of these marvelous sights along the way and can capture even half the beauty with my inexperienced camera skills! Thanks for sharing.
June 10, 2005 10:04AM

Julie Schmidt: Your pictures are so great they've kept me up way past bedtime. They brought back fond memories of our trip to the Yukon and Whitehorse in the late 90's. Some how we never managed to see the northern lights. It was June and too bright I guess. All the more reason to go back again! Cheers Julie
May 28, 2005 11:41PM

Etta Deutscher: Your Mom gave me youremail address so I have been enjoying your photography Etta Deutscher
May 3, 2005 9:34PM

Miriam Holder: Hi Phil, Your pictures are awesome! You have really captured the vibrant Yukon colors, wildlife and scenes from an amazing perspective. I've lived here for over 22 years and the rich tapestry of the North is a marvelous privilege I enjoy everyday. I love the colors and technique used on the Autumn Colors Hidden Lake and McIntyre Marsh pictures. The mist on the Yukon River is ethereal. Yes, I'm buttering you up...but I really do love your work. Do you have a book out? I enjoy sharing and giving books of Northern pics as gifts. It gives people a visual idea of the great place I call home. I put together a newsletter that is posted on the Transport Canada Prairie and Northern Region (PNR)Diversity website, which has over 400 readers and is accessible to TC employees across Canada. This exposure has developed an appreciation for this corner of our country. May I have your permission post the 'Bohemian Waxwing on mountain ash' picture from the website on our newsletter giving credit to you and linking to your website? If this is okay, I will snd you a copy of the edition when I snd to our Communications department. Thank you for your consideration of my request.
April 28, 2005 11:50PM

Kevin Lewis: Your talent is unbelievable. Now if I could just get my wife to vacation with me there.... Thank you for sharing the sights of the far north with me. God's handiwork is stunning. Thank you Mr. Hoffman.
April 18, 2005 10:25PM

ERIM WESTON: Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL!! They are all so clear, bright and colourful (exc ept for the black and white ones!!). They bring back wondrerful memories of previous trips to the Yukon! I'm coming back again in late May - I can't wait!!
April 6, 2005 6:54PM

rainer: Hello from germany, I enjoed the great photos and I am looking forward to stay in Whitehorse from May 22th for 1 week Rainer
March 23, 2005 5:11AM

Sharon Bedier: I enjoyed viewing your beautiful pictures. Are there photos of the Women's tapestry and the stained glass history panels?
March 7, 2005 5:37AM

Karen: Love your Photos Love to see your Country
March 2, 2005 1:47PM

sondra oppedisano: I love your fantastic photos. I have had the luxury of experiencing the lights myself, here in Winnipeg. Unfortunately, in the city, with street lights and the like, it hardly compares to what you see!! Keep it up! Awesome and Breathtaking!
February 19, 2005 2:09PM

Dianne Gruber: I sit in TN wishing for snow, so am armchair traveling the north (also waiting for the Yukon Quest to start in a few hours). Thanks for opening the door to a far away place
February 13, 2005 9:09AM

tony: thank you
February 7, 2005 11:27AM

Elias: Hello Phil, your photos are simply...inspiring! I particularly loved the comet photos, since I'm interested in astronomy. You are bookmarked! Elias
January 25, 2005 8:31PM

Dianne: Great pictures, truly talented :)
January 13, 2005 11:07PM

Keith Pendlebury: Beautiful, beautiful pictures. IN the late '60's I used to live at Stewart River, where the Yukon and Stewart and White Rivers come together and saw the most spectacular Aurora and heard it every night in the winter. You have a great talent.
January 11, 2005 5:18AM

Sam Boritz:
November 30, 2004 1:23PM

Nan: WOWOWOWWOWO!! so amazinggggg!!! I reallyy like these pictures!!! I'm a fan now!!!
November 24, 2004 8:17PM

Clayton White: Phil - your photos do a superlative job of capturing the Yukon and have greatly enhanced my website at
November 12, 2004 8:32PM

Sharon: Mr. Hoffman, All I can say is "WOW!" Thank you for sharing your talents. I can hardly believe places like that exist, they're so beautiful. I am in awe over several of your photos!! You have a wonderful eye!! God bless your talents.
November 8, 2004 7:06PM

vicki: Your photos of the northern lights are utterly breathtaking. I live in Winnipeg and our northern lights are magical but nowhere near as spectacular as those on your site! I am in awe! Thanks for sharing.
November 8, 2004 9:52AM

Tina: Hi, You sell these photos, I suppose... Please let me know how to get in touch with you. Greetings to Whitehorse form Germany Tina
November 2, 2004 4:10AM

Sandy: These are beautiful pictures!!
October 28, 2004 6:32PM

Maria Horsfall: Your pictures of the Northern Lights are absolutely beautiful.
October 27, 2004 11:25AM

Charles and Linda Casad: Hi...We're drivers for United Van Lines, and weather permitting will be delivering household goods to White Horse next week....Charles
October 24, 2004 2:41PM

Susan Duff: I am a hobbyist photo buff, love your work, the north is great, I hope I can see it some day I m interested in prices of frameable prints Susan
October 18, 2004 6:12PM

tina demme: ...very good pictures... Greetings from Germany to Whitehorse Tina
October 6, 2004 1:08AM

Donn Jarrell: You not only have great pictures, the way you present them is out of this world.
October 2, 2004 10:01AM

Robin: the best photos I have encountered of the Aurora.. We are coming to Whitehorse for a visit Sept 30/04 .. I will keep my camera loaded in the hope we may also encounter the dancing lights.. a wonderful Web Site...
September 29, 2004 8:08PM

Holly K. Owens: wonderful!!
September 27, 2004 7:26PM

robert: my wife just moved to whitehorse and sheloves it . your pics are awsome. thank you very much rob l.
August 31, 2004 5:38PM

David Rangdrol: Hello, My name is David, I am a part-time resident of the Yukon and I am currently working in the international exchange division of a small town in the south of Japan. I will, amoung other things, organize events related to the Yukon. May I use some of your beautiful photos in some slide shows? Of course, in a purely non-commercial fashion. Thank you in advance, Sayonarra! David Rangdrol Oki-machi, Fukuoka-ken
August 3, 2004 9:47PM

steve roberts: beautiful work. if you know a mr khcellun(prounounced chellun) there in whitehorse, tell he and his wife the roberts from alabama said hello and stay in touch. thanks steve roberts
June 12, 2004 11:19PM

shelly: Hello Phil, I just want to thank you. I want to call them photographs but in essence this does not truely describe what you have captured. Absolutely amazing. Regards, Shelly - Alberta, Canada
June 9, 2004 9:14AM

Byrd Stilwell: Phil, Was looking for places of interest in AK, and Canada. A friend who has been to Whitehorse told me of a DC3 that serves as weathervane(?). While searching for it I logged on to your site. Whoa! My first time ever seeing the Northern lights in such detail. Must really be something in person. Thanks a bunch. Byrd Stilwell
April 26, 2004 4:57PM

Sharon Veit: I was looking up different cities that my husband will be traveling through on a trip to Alaska and was lucky enough to notice the site of your beautiful pictures. I am a professional photographer myself....taking mostly high school senior and group portraits. But I enjoy, even more, taking scenics. Your photography is absolutely beautiful....We have the same eye for the light and shadow, etc. I have barely covered the surface on the site and will be back very soon to finish looking at it. Lovely!
April 22, 2004 12:59PM

Reg Salinas: Phil...You are to be congratulated for sharing the wonderful scenes depicted in your photo works. I had the privilege of living in Alaska 1977-1980 traveling, hiking, sking and climbing. Loved it tremendously...the Yukon as well. Your photos bring back some of the most cherished memories of my life. I am looking forward to retiring soon in Alaska, or the Yukon. Your spectacular winter scene like the "Pine Tree In White Pass" remind me vividly of how wonderful and breathtaking nature is in the Great North, and I can't wait to get back. Keep up the great work.
April 21, 2004 6:13PM

April 20, 2004 1:07PM

Janine: Hello, Im doing research about that area for a children's story and Im on the last chapter and I found your pictures in a round about way. They are beautiful. Thank you.
April 18, 2004 6:35AM

Norbert from germany: Absolut fantastic to see your photos. The Apr 7 21:00:00 2004
April 7, 2004 12:02PM

Carol Rome: Wonderful photos. We just decided tonight that we are flying to Whitehorse for a long weekend in May, Your photos made me even more intersted.
April 5, 2004 2:15AM

Liz: Your pictures absolutely blew my mind. I would love to have your talent. I live in Toronto and there are some beautiful scenes to be captured here, but seeing your photos makes me want to come to NWT for the tranquility that I do not get here. I will be back to see more soon. My favorites are the Auroras.
April 1, 2004 10:02AM

Linda Del Greco: Hi Phil, Thank you for sharing your photographs. They are awesome. My husband and daughter are in Whitehorse as I write this missive. Your photos make me feel closer to them. Thanks again.
March 14, 2004 6:51PM

Michael Krämer: Absolut fantastic to see your photos. I´m sitting here in germany and waiting daily to see new exiting photos. :-)
February 28, 2004 8:44AM

Cath: Hi Phil I am sitting in the UK and have found your site. I hope to visit the Yukon this summer and have an interest in Whitehorse as my great aunt use to live there and loved it and told me stories of the Yukon. Thanks for allowing me to view your photos.
January 31, 2004 3:50PM

Donna: oh my u do a really good jobs with these pictures...u captured them very well...i wish i was that creative...keep up with the good work!
January 26, 2004 12:09AM

Ms Charlie: Absolutely brillant....truly incredible talent...thank you for sharing the experience...will be back often to see more... Have a great sure put a smile on my face...:)
January 21, 2004 4:30PM

Martin Prochnik: Hi Phil- Really superb photos. Its a challenge to take scenic shots that don't resemble thousands of others of the same genre but you have managed to do it. I'm interested in some of the technical details. What cameras do you use? What kind of film do you prefer etc.? Have you experimented with digital yet? I have a special interested in old ( late 1800's to 1940's) structures, especially those associated with mining. Are there any accessible from Whitehorse? Any info you could provide would be appreciated. Martin
January 15, 2004 2:08PM

Holly Cowman: Thankyou for the time and effort it took in capturing these scenes and sharing them with us! Perhaps a few themos' of hot coffee or tea were in order for some of these winter scenes. Genesis1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
January 13, 2004 8:32PM

shirley and john: We're planning another trip to the Yukon this summer. We happened upon your site while looking for travel info. What a fabulous job of representing the Yukon! Wonderful photographs.
January 6, 2004 6:51PM

vicky: We are thinking of visitng Whitehorse this year and I was just looking for information when I logged on to your website. Your photographs are stunning, I just wish I had your skill. I will log on regularly to view the pictures.
January 2, 2004 9:33AM

Terry Moon: Two Words.....Absolutely Gorgeous!!
December 30, 2003 7:13PM

Mike Bunker: Phil, Spectacular photos. I really liked the photo where you painted with a flashlight. How long was that exposure, and how long did the painting process take? Thanks, Mike
December 30, 2003 3:53PM

FrantiÅ¡ek Klauser: Velmi hezké fotografie. Blahopřeji. Klauser
December 25, 2003 4:53PM

comenius777: thanks for you effort
December 9, 2003 4:40AM

Joyce Reeves: Hello, what beauty! Just found out that Whitehorse had a website and was very plesed to see your Album. Our family live in the U.K. but do not have a computer. Do you have hard copy that may be purchased.
December 7, 2003 8:08PM

Melanie Pereira-Smith: Mr. Hoffman: Absolutely gorgeous! I especially love the Waxwing and ALL the Aurora pics - Thankyou for the opportunity to see a little of what Whitehorse is like - have added it to my "places to travel to" list! Stay well
December 7, 2003 10:23AM

Roy U. Cushing: Very good pictures-Interesting
December 3, 2003 7:17PM

Brian Simmer (Whitehorse): Hey Phil, Those are really great photos you have that catch the true beauty of what the Yukon really looks like! I invite everyone to come up here and see all this stuff in real life as the Yukon is the greatest place on earth to live! Anyways, way to go, and I hope to see more photos soon! Don't keep us waiting too long!
December 1, 2003 8:53PM

Cora van de Bovenkamp: Hello Phil, just this evening a friend gave me some names because I'm curious to go to Canada some day. One of the names she gave me is Whitehorse and wauw: am I struck by your photo gallery!! What a wild beauty you're able to preserve. Thank you for bringing your photo's on the www.
November 12, 2003 2:51PM

Deborah Hollingsworth: Just a quick note to say your work is very lovely
November 7, 2003 6:43AM

Lynda: Fantastic Photography - can not say anything else
November 6, 2003 6:29PM

Melissa Kohlruss: Very impressive work. I am considering buying some of your work - it is beautiful. It gives us southerners a true look at the rugged and gorgeous north!
October 15, 2003 8:20PM

Winthrop J. Snow, Jr.: I went to Costa Mesa Ca, on Sept. 26, for a 104th Infantry Division (originally an Oregon National guard unit) reunion, took the Amtrack "Starlighter" to Seattle because I had read Jonathan Raban's book "Passage to Juneau" (Well reviewed in the N.Y. Times). That whole area fascinating. Hope to go back and take some kind of boat up the inside passage. Why should I be interested in the area? It turns out that my great grandfather, a Captain Joshua Nickerson Rowe, home port, Rockland, Maine, took a steamer up the Yukon from Seattle on June 16 1898. On return he left Dawson City on September 20th, 1889 as Captain of the steamer James Doneville, with about 120 passengers. On October 5th his diary noted "Got within one mile of the White Horse Tramway". He died in the Bishop Rowe Hospital, Skagway, Alaska, October 18th, 1898. Services at the Union Church, and buried at a little graveyard beyond the city limits. On the 28th of September he noted "Weather cool and the Northern Lights are beautiful." We in Massachusetts are too far south in latitude to see Northern Lights. Your pictures are spectacular. I never Iimagined they were so brilliant, and such colors. Thank you.
October 5, 2003 10:29PM

Carl W: Thankyou for sharing this truly awesome collection of this celestial marvel. Churchill, Manitoba not only has polar bears but incredible northern lights as well. It may be worth investigating.
September 18, 2003 12:40PM

R F G: Excellent photos! The sky dances so well, and you have captured some of it. Thanks for sharing!
August 19, 2003 6:11PM

Brian & Andrea Simmer from Whitehorse, Yukon: Hey Phil, We totally LOVE your album and it portrays the Yukon is it naturally looks! Its so beautiful and breath taking! We ourselves are in the process of moving back to the Yukon this January because we can't imagine life anywhere else other than Gods' own back yard. Anyways, great photos and keep up the great work!
August 14, 2003 6:55AM

Larry: enjoyed your photos, makes me want to see Whitehorse in person, in summer & winter. keep up the good work
July 20, 2003 10:23AM

Barbara Andersen: Hi Phil I am writing to you from Makkovik,Labrador canada those pics are beautiful.we get the lights here in Labrador but not quite that awesome.
July 7, 2003 2:49PM

Susan Ellis: I'm about to take my first trip to Whitehorse, and having just viewed your incredible photos, I'm looking forward to it more than ever. You've captured the essence of the north, and one can almost feel the clean, clear, cool air. Excellent work.
June 19, 2003 5:43AM

stephanie thomas: Love your photos!
June 11, 2003 7:25AM

european chicks: Hi guys!! what's up. i'm an exchange-student from switzerland. right now i live in High Level, Alberta. If i had know where I was about to go, I would have never come to Canada. But after I saw your pictures I started to have faith in the beautiful spots of Canada. So me and my friend have decided to go to Whitehorse. We are going to sit in the bus for 45 hours. But we think Whitehorse is worth it. We would appreciate it if you told us some spots in Whitehorse and area we shouldn't miss. thank's anyway. you are an awesome photographer!! marina niederberger, switzerland
June 4, 2003 7:25PM

Donald L Reid: Hi Phil Just a quick visit to see your site. I've now done five talks on Robert W Service and have a few more lined up. However, I am busy doing talks on Dr Henry Faulds - The Scottish Pioneer of Fingerprint Science. We are endeavouring to establish an appropriate memorial to him in Beith and I am secretary of the Society. You can visit our official web site on: which is hosted for us free by the American Journal of Forensic Investigation courtesy of their editor, Alan McRoberts. All the best for now, Phil. Cheers Donald L Reid Beith, Ayrshire, Scotland
May 11, 2003 4:42PM

christine Switzer: Thanks Phip,I have been searching around for lecturers. Finding your site has been one of the highlights. You make me want to move to Whitehouse.
May 7, 2003 7:50PM

Deborah Hangartner: Mr. Hoffman, your work is breathtaking! I've never seen anything like it. Some photographs are so surreal they almost seem painted. Please tell us how you get such intense colors!
April 19, 2003 10:19AM

Donald L Reid: Hi Phil Been up watching for the first signs of war! Iain Shaw and I performed our lecture, Robert W Service - Poet of the Peole, last week to Fullarton Historical Society in Irvine. Went well apart from the laptop acting very strange indeed. I think that the membrane below the keys is unserviceable. This needs to be attended to as it took on a life of its own and began to fly through some of the most wonderful scenes of the Yukon!! Nice to make contact again, Phil and kindest regards from Beith, Ayrshire, Scotland. Donald Reid
March 19, 2003 6:01PM

Carol: Your photos are fabulous. I lived in the Yukon for almost a year a long time ago but I never saw anything like these. Thank you.
March 1, 2003 3:43PM

J: Hey there, just seen some of your pictures on your web page...awsome job!!! Love the ones of the northern lights! I am from Labrador and I miss seeing them..thanks for warm memories!
February 4, 2003 9:49PM

Donald L Reid: Hi Phil Just a wee note to advise that my talk on Robert W Service - The People's Poet, last week went very well. The photos you kindly allowed me to use went down a treat. The members of the Trinity Church Mens Fellowship in Beith, Ayrshire, were simply awe-struck at the magnificent scenery which made our talk about the Service's Canada really come alive. Thanks again. Still in the middle of too many Burns Suppers. Cheers Donald L Reid Secretary Barrmill Jolly Beggars Burns Club and Secretary Dr Henry Faulds - Beith Commemorative Committee
January 27, 2003 6:38AM

Norman C. Dickson: I'm a photographer in Arkansas and enjoy ourdoor as well you have great work Thanks Norm
January 23, 2003 3:04AM

Pierre Schreiber (Swizzerland): Bonjour Contrairement à la majorité des personnes qui ont apposées leurs signatures sur cette page, je ne parles pas l'anglais. Je suis moi-même photographe passionné et peux affirmer que vous êtes un grand photographe (même en comparaison avec ce que l'on trouve en Europe). Chapeau surtout pour votre maîtrise de la technique infra-rouge. La nature est le plus bel outil qu'un photographe puisse avoir. Vous lui rendez hommage avec magnificence. Veuillez accepter, Monsieur, mes hommages les plus considérés Pierre Schreiber
January 20, 2003 2:12AM

Wanda Webber: Your photographs are beautiful and memorable. Hope to bring my family to the Yukon in the near future. Your pictures are wonderfully enticing!
January 14, 2003 7:33AM

Beverly Goodwin: exquisite photos ! You work magic with your camera.
January 11, 2003 2:18PM

rigmor: Thank you for bringing us the beautiful pictures.Iam from the north,and love the northern-lights.Greetings Rigmor.
January 11, 2003 2:14PM

Linda Nudd: Absolutley wonderful photos--do you offer any of them for sale?
January 9, 2003 9:25PM

Bronwen Beebe: Ahh, home sweet home. There is no place like it and with your pics I can remember good times. Thanks so much.
January 9, 2003 3:31PM

Linde Bierbrauer: The photos are very nice and the way of the presnting is very comfortable. Greatings from Linde
January 9, 2003 2:40PM

Matt Baldwin-Wilson: Greetings Phil - my credit union used one of your photos in their calendar. Beautiful image, and we googled you. Thanks for the work! Matthew
January 7, 2003 10:52AM

Kelly V. B.: We viewed your slide show uncle Phil. It is great. Jan 5/2003.
January 5, 2003 7:20PM

Justin Cable: hello i live in northern wisconsin there is only little northern light but there stil pretty so please write back
January 5, 2003 6:54PM

Donald L Reid: Re message below, I do not require slides, rather it would be helpful to have jpeg photos as they would be generated from the laptop to the screen via a projector. Just a wee note to clarify the situation. Cheers Donald L Reid Beith, Ayrshire, Scotland KA15 1BJ
January 3, 2003 11:12AM

Donald L Reid: My friend, Iain Shaw and I do a talk entitled: Robert W Service - Poet of the People. We want to develop this talk by placing typical Yukon scenery onto the screen from our laptop via a projector. This would run as we do our talk of 45 mins. Is it possible to purchase some slides which would typify the Yukon scenery and if so how do I go about this as I believe it would enhance our talk if we had the awe-inspiring scenes of the Yukon the in background as Service's poems such as The Cremation of Same McGhee and Dan McGrew were being recited. If you can help this would be greatly appreciated Donald L Reid secretary Barrmill Jolly Beggars Burns Club Beith, Ayrshire, Scotland KA15 1BJ
January 3, 2003 11:10AM

Peter Travis: great work Mr.Hoffman enjoyed your photos very much-fascinating work-thank you
January 2, 2003 11:36AM

phil kowalski: Unbelievably awesome pics. Soooooo beautiful I just keep pushing my jaw back up in place !!!! thanks
January 2, 2003 10:48AM

phil kowalski:
January 2, 2003 10:43AM

marie cailes: They are the most beautiful aurora/ pictures I've seen makes me wonder why I left the north
January 2, 2003 4:33AM

Robert&Edie: Great photos Phil!!
December 30, 2002 9:29PM

Ron: Hi Phil!, We have been hiking the Kings Throne in July this year during our 3 months stay in Alberta,BC, Yukon and Alaska. Maybe you can imagine that I get tears in my eyes when looking at your pictures! Best regards, Ron, Odijk, the Netherlands.
December 29, 2002 4:03AM

Keeley: I found your site via a link on the Graham Hancock website chat room, then on to Nordlys. Very, very nice!!! Even though I live in rural northern Minnesota, the Northern Lights are a rare treat here. Thank you for your excellent photographs!
December 28, 2002 6:32PM

Shannon: Hi Phil, I am a designer working on a new restaurant soon to open in Whitehorse. Our client usually puts archival photos of each location in their entry way. Since it might be difficult to find archival photos of Whitehorse, I'm thinking of proposing the use of some of your beautiful images. How much do you charge per image? We typically do +/- 8"x10" size prints. Awesome work! Thanks, Shannon
December 24, 2002 10:11AM

Marcin Wilk: Wonderful, fantastic picture !
December 19, 2002 11:14PM

Charles Heatherly: Terrific photos, Phil. I enjoyed your exhibit immensely. Have always wanted to visit Alaska and see the Northern Lights. Your display just whets my appetite. Thanks Charles Heatherly
December 17, 2002 2:24PM

Frances: When growing up in Wenatchee, WA, we would view the Aurora Borealis frequently. However, since moving to Spokane, WA, haven't had the pleasure. This website is fabulous. Thank-you.
December 14, 2002 7:01AM

John Chin: Dear Phil, I really enjoyed your photographs of the northern lights that show the incredible account of skills and talent you have as a photgrapher. They are absolutely beautiful. Keep it up! John Chin
December 7, 2002 4:20PM

Peggy Robson: My daughter sent me a sight with some of your photos. Aurora Borealis - (did I spell it right?) Fabulous
December 7, 2002 12:33PM

Nila Armero: Mr. Hoffman is an incredible photographer . The Aurora photos were stunning.
December 6, 2002 1:46PM

Preben Rasmussen: Tak for de smukke billeder fra det høje nord. De er en sand nydelse for øjet. Må det gode arbejde glæde mange,og åbne vore sanser for den smukke planets skønhed. De bedste ønsker for dig og dine kære Aro Preben Rasmussen Ådalsvænget Esbjerg v. Danmark.
November 23, 2002 11:59AM

Tammy Richards: I'm doing science project so can you please help me with the pictures on Aurora lights
November 22, 2002 10:27AM

Corvetta Ashe: Mr. Hoffman, I'm from Florida and after watching a popular series called "Northern Exposure" I saw my first aurora. While I don't like cold weather :-) - I love auroras. Your photos are the best I've seen so far. I just wish I could download some as a wallpaper for my computer! Thanks for sharing your talent.
November 19, 2002 6:03AM

Jesse Cantrell Sr.: I was stationed in Alaska in 1960 and your pictures make me remember how beautiful it was. thank you.
November 17, 2002 5:07PM

trowlan: Would like to know if you have some of the pictures of the Northern Lights for sale?
November 16, 2002 9:57PM

Santiago Montejo: Congratulations for your picture but mainly for the auroras. Spetially for the rare red aurora
November 16, 2002 6:29PM

Cameron Ross: You have an Artist's eye. We see the Northern Lights here in Northern Wisconsin but nothing like these treasures. Thank you for sharing what you see with us.
November 13, 2002 2:14PM

Erica Chandler: You're very talented Mr. Hoffman, and I look forward to viewing more of your picures in the future :-)
November 9, 2002 7:25PM

Tom Curtis: I enjoyed your photos of the Northen Lights at the Library in Malden, Massachusetts.
November 7, 2002 5:10PM

pieter van pelt: Having seen the aurora in lappland this september, and tried to photograph them with my Sony Cybershot, I appreciate your pictures even more. Beautifull! I also appreciate many of your non-aurora pictures. Pieter
November 3, 2002 5:11AM

Ray: Stunning images, stunningly presented, well done.
October 31, 2002 4:02PM

October 27, 2002 7:28PM

Debra Milligan: Thank you for these beautiful pictures. I personally will never have the opportunity to view these lights in person. So having these pictures is wonderful, as close as I will ever get.
October 24, 2002 10:04AM

Erykah: These photos are spectacular!! I am young and interested in a career that has to do with Auroras and this page has inspired me. Thank you.
October 22, 2002 2:06PM

Carolyn: This is some of THE most spectacular photography I have ever seen. Some of the photos are so beautiful, they look unreal. I am also a photographer, and I share the same obsession with capturing the northern lights. All I can say about these photos is... Absolutely incredible!!
October 21, 2002 3:22PM

Schef Wright: Great work! Your photos capture the magic and amazing nature of the aurora. Thanks very much. - Schef Wright, Tallahassee
October 16, 2002 11:46AM

Philipp: Absolute wonderful - I was wondering in what area Kathleen Lake is. What a great sight. I will travel to norway soon so it would be great to get some inside information about great looking sights. I know there is a lot, but you seem to have a feel for the really nice stuff. Thanks a lot. I'm writing from New York and can't wait to see some nature soon.
October 13, 2002 9:04PM

Norma M: I loved your pictures of the Northern Lights! I get to see them here in Michigan, but not like those. Your time and patients was greatly appreciated. What a beautiful way to spend your time.
October 13, 2002 3:23PM

Wilhelmina Schedin: Hello! I like you photos so much. I am interesting of both nature and photos. And when I was looking at your pictures I said "Oh!" and "Wow!" I was enjoying it so much and I will go back to your page.
October 10, 2002 12:17PM

Ed Barnett: HI was glad to find these beautiful pics of my home country(wasborn and raised in Whitehorse, Family still lives their). Brought back many found memeories of camping overnight in the winter on Fish Lake while out skidooing and ice fishing. Has been many years since I have been home in the winter aftr moving away 27 yrs ago. Once again Thanks for the Memories, and they are very Beautiful Pictures Ed Barnett
October 6, 2002 9:19PM

Randi: Dear Mr Hoffman, You have made the most beautiful Northern Lights photos I have ever seen! It ma
October 2, 2002 9:00AM

Lydia Smith: A Big Sky Hi from Montana, Thanks for the great photos. You sure were fortunate to go to Norway and experience the heartland of the Northern Lights enthusiasts, maybe it will be my turn someday! I just submitted my photo, I was lucky to get it at all, considering that I had just started to learn about my camera and was lucky to look up, see and capture the shot at all! Now I check the night sky regularly for that chance again, we don't see the bright colors here in Montana as often as you do, so it was a real treat to see them twice in one year (spring and fall)! Any way, Happy Trails, Lydia
September 18, 2002 10:30PM

Richard Briggs: Dear Mr. Hoffman, I am the designer for an event being held in Korea. It is a charity (fund-raising) Christmas ball sponsored by the American Women's Club of Korea. Each year this club raises quite a bit of money and donates it to Korean charities, usually shelters for battered women and orphans. Your photo of the aurora is one of the three "finalists" for the graphic design. I would like to know the following: 1) What would be the cost to use the image? - I will need a high quality glossy print, unframed - Size should be A4 (approximately) assuming that the photo on the web is full-image. If you cropped the web image significantly, then I would need a larger print to compensate. - If print is not available, then a slide would work... assuming it's a very high quality copy. 2) The photo would be used as follows: - Cover photo for program (A5 size) (Approximately 450 copies) - Background for A3-size poster (50 copies) - Background for ticket (430 copies) 3) The image in question is: - - I have attached the thumbnail to this email. 4) Please quote cost including express shipping to Seoul, Korea. Also, please indicate the processing time -- we are behind schedule and need the image right away! 5) Please indicate the credit line you would like us to include in the program and on the poster. We need to make a decision very quickly, so your prompt reply will be appreciated very much! Sincerely, Richard Briggs P.S. As this is a non-profit event for charity, we are trying to keep costs to a minimum without sacrificing the quality of the graphic materials. (On a personal note, I am donating the graphic design at no cost.) Thanks for considering this request!
September 17, 2002 7:06AM

charlene clarey: Great photos, I just love the northern lights thanks so much for sharing your photos now I can explain to my son and husband (actually show your photos) they have never seen them they are really missing an awesome experience....
September 7, 2002 10:47PM

Ewa: Very beautiful pictures,a real pleasure to see them. Best wishes.
September 6, 2002 3:07AM

jonrian: Hi Phil,just found ur site,reeeeeeally beautiful work(pleasure for u,right!!!)best of luck.
August 20, 2002 8:15AM

Ryan S: Hey phil i just wanted to say you are a very outstanding photographer, your pictures are very powerful and moving, keep up the good work, Ryan
August 13, 2002 12:05AM

Adrienne Fenton nee Harper: Hello How Are You All Doing. Saw Your Mom And Dad The Weekend Of The 27 Of July. Really Enjoyed Your Website! And The Photo Your Parents Gave Us. Adrienne And Garth
August 7, 2002 9:02PM

Jo Bowles: viewing your photos is definitely proof there is a god. thank you......
August 7, 2002 5:13PM

George Ghiz: Phil, thanks for sharing your beautiful images, especially those of the Northern Lights which were fantastic. Continued good light. Regards George
August 5, 2002 5:46AM

Joann Shadwick: These Pictures are so beautiful... I'll bet you have worked long and hard to capture the exact timing for such great images. Good luck and I'll be back to look again. JS
July 23, 2002 8:59PM

eva beaganwow!: wow! what a joy to see your great pix of the aurora. I too, am obsessed, and only wish I had a much larger screen on which to view them. Thank you so much for sharing!
July 20, 2002 11:20AM

dailyjoy: Thank you for the quiet moment of beauty in this fast pace world. God Bless
July 5, 2002 12:38PM

Vicky Taylor: Dear Phil, your imagination captured these images at their most breathtaking, showing nature at her most beautiful. I look forward to more of your work in the near future, Vicky
June 24, 2002 1:01PM

franki: Absolutly beyond what I was expecting. Not meaning to take away credibility for you as an artist. I have never seen you work before but I have personaly seen the work of the Aurora, and you have captured the true vision!! I only hope to be able to create such marvelous works...
June 20, 2002 3:39PM

Charlotte Ferguson: These photos are so beautiful, almost like being there... Thank you...
June 7, 2002 4:13AM

Steele Hill: Wonderful. Ranks up there with some of the best I have seen on the web.
June 6, 2002 1:02PM

Kris Gram: I really don't get a chance to see the northern lights where I live, to many lights from the city. As a child I seen them a lot. They scared the heck out of me. Now I think the exsperience watching them is just AWESOME.
May 31, 2002 8:28PM

Nette Kitten: There is nothing I can say , but... BEAUTIFUL!
May 29, 2002 1:04AM

Chris Y: Phil, Thank you for sharing. Once in my life, in 1960 have I seen the aurora, from River Forest, Illinois. Rare but spectacular. Chris
May 23, 2002 6:55AM

Madeleine David: I had always hoped that I would see the Aurora before I died - you've enabled me to do just that and so I must thank you. I'm uncertain as to my chances of an actual viewing of the Antipodean equivalent, from the south island of Aotearoa, New Zealand. Can anybody help me please? I shall cherish you forever!
May 23, 2002 12:09AM

Emily Gooch: Thanks for the opportunity to view these magnificant pictures. Truly amazing I admire your work and your enthusiasm to capture these scenes for others to get enjoyment from Good luck and God bless in your work
May 20, 2002 2:41PM

Viv Högnason: Fantastic photos, Having lived in Iceland for a few years and seen these amazing Northern Lights myself your photos are really appreciated. To stand in the cold, quiet night watching these lights swirl through the sky is an experience I will never forget.
May 14, 2002 10:18PM

sharr: I think the photo I saw on your front page was amazing I have not seen anything like that down here in New Zealand.
May 12, 2002 11:53PM

sue: Phil..... You have been book marked!! wow. I tried to see the lights whilst on Norweigian postal Bbat for two weeks, but didnt have any luck. You have made me want to see them for myself even more now... do you have any video footage?
May 12, 2002 5:11AM

Chris: Awesome Phil and thank you so much for sharing them with the rest of us. Being partially sighted I don't often see the wonderful phenomena around me and to have them captured so perfectly for my (and others :-) ) pleasure is a treasure beyond price. Thank you.
May 12, 2002 3:43AM

Sharee: Thank you for sharing. I am in awe and inspired.
May 12, 2002 12:32AM

mike rowan: awesome pictures Phil, I'm in the north of New Zealand so do not see auroras [they do sometimes get them in the far south though].I have to make do with the magellanic clouds and southern cross. Have always wanted to see the aurora but not done so yet, your pictures give a good indication of what I am missing. yours mike rowan
May 11, 2002 4:26AM

Lynette Taylor: It has always been my dream to see the northern lights and thanks to you site I feel I have Thank you
May 10, 2002 11:17PM

Joyce Nicholson: Thankyou for delighting our family with your outstanding photography. We in New Zealand are used to the red skies, but you have shown us just what the Northern Lights are really like. Many thanks.
May 10, 2002 1:24PM

Stan Richard: Phil, great work, your images are unique. I especially enjoyed your landscape photos. Stan
May 8, 2002 1:41PM

Pearl: Hi Phil, I've just started reading Northern Lights by Lucy Jago and I realised that I have never seen them. (I live in the South of England). Both my mother and husband saw the Northern Lights when stationed in Scotland during military service. I came to look for some pictures on the web and found yours. Unbelievable. I can understand why other guests to your site ask if they are real! Any moving pictures? Pearl
May 6, 2002 5:47AM

bee: I love your pictures, I hope to see more great looking pictures. I live in Canada and I get to see the Northern lights often. But admiring other pictures is always nice.
May 2, 2002 6:08PM

Kaitlin: You have really cool pictures that are fun to look at when computer class gets boreing. Are these real photographs or did you paint them? I'm going to Ridgewood Botanical Gardens to take Pictures.
May 2, 2002 5:56AM

Carole and Denny: Just beautiful! If you have any video's for sale we would love to have one. Keep up the wonderful photogrophy.
May 1, 2002 9:10PM

vera holdengraber: fantastic. thank you for the beauty. vera
April 30, 2002 4:28AM

LoAnn Olin: Your photographs are beautiful. When I get closer to re-starting my fine art work, I may contact you to talk about copyrights if you are willing to consider a sale. I have a love of the Northern Lights from the scientific point of view, the artistic point of view, and the spiritual point of view. I have been and will continue to collect aurora photos for my personal enjoyment. I do plan to collet some that I can use with my art prints. Thank you,
April 25, 2002 1:31PM

Leah Greeley: Hi Phil, I enjoyed seeing your photos very much. Thank you. Leah Greeley Grover Beach, CA.
April 18, 2002 8:16PM

Eric Hanner: Very fine photo's of a subject that is hard to comprehend let alone photograph. The other areas of interest are also very well done and captivating. Thank you for sharing! Eric
April 17, 2002 11:20AM

Robert A. Locey: Fabulous article.
April 16, 2002 7:01AM

Erica: Great pictures, Im doing a project on the northern lights and have never seen pictures this good. You realy helped me. keep up the good work.
April 14, 2002 4:25PM

ken rankin: What a fantastic website, I shall certainly call again, best wishes, ken.
April 14, 2002 3:02PM

Sandi Davis & son-Brandon: We loved your pictures and have added it to our favorites, as we will visit again. My son is 13 and was so excited. I would hope it inspires him to such a hobby or more. He does not show a big interest in many things. Thank You Sandi Davis
April 13, 2002 9:58AM

Özgür KAPLAN: I learned something about aurora borealis in a quiz and I found it interesting.My English kowlwdge is not enough to explain my feelings.Wonderful,birilliant, lovely, scary.... Also I decided to show these pictures in my own Thank you
April 10, 2002 1:05PM

Ã…ke Lindgren: Very nice pictures!!!!!
April 8, 2002 7:11AM

Brenda: WOW. These photos are spectacular! I can sometimes see the Northern Lights from my bedroom window, but nothing like the images you have so generously shared with all of us. Thank you.
April 6, 2002 10:55PM

glen: absolutely beautiful - well done!
April 5, 2002 5:30PM

carolyn mccurdy: Thank you so much for the view. I hope to one day see the auroras for myself. But in the meantime your photos are just breathtaking. I wonder though, why is it that in most photos of the auroras the dominant color is green? What causes the different colors? Also, where can I find an online video presentation of the aurora borelis? Thanks again for the spectacular pictures. Carolyn McCurdy New Orleans, Louisiana C
April 4, 2002 2:24PM

dennis v stewart: beautiful pictures, really enjoyed looking at them , cant remember if i signed your book last time i browsed thru here so the signing part may be a repeat.
April 3, 2002 2:50PM

kim martin: oh my god - this is so beautiful. I do not know how you could drag yourself inside after knowing this is right outside the door.... Truly stunning....
March 26, 2002 7:06PM

Evans Forsyth: Wonderful photos. But could not find your e-mail address to request permission to use some of the images! Please e-mail me. Evans
March 26, 2002 2:47PM

Sarah McGillivray: Oh My God!You picture are so amazing.............
March 25, 2002 5:31AM

: It's so...........wonderful,Phil Nice work!!!
March 25, 2002 5:27AM

Ralph Tucker: Beautiful work Phil. I'm planning to spend some of my retirement with my camera in the "wilds" of Ohio. Although not as exciting as some of your beautiful state, there are some interesting subjects here. The Amish counties are just south of Akron, and with their cultural ways and the beautiful farms they maintain, I shouldn't have any problems finding something to shoot. I've really enjoyed your web site and plan to revisit it frequently. Thanks for the eyefull. Good luck on finding the "perfect shot".
March 23, 2002 10:27AM

Tim Jeffries: Dear Phil, Hi. I am starting a new entertainment company called, Emerald Sky Entertainment and looking for a picture of the Northern Lights that are green, that I can use as a logo. I am very impressed by your photos and wonder in there is any way I can use one of your photo's as our logo for my company. Sincerely, Tim Jeffries Artistic Director
March 21, 2002 9:15PM

Barbara Robinson: Beautiful. It gives me the opportunity to remember my days in Canada.
March 20, 2002 12:20PM

Pat: I was trying to explain how the northern lights looked and decided to find some photo's of the subject because words were just not enough. I was happy to find your photo's as they are as I remember in Northern Alberta, Canada. I photographed a few images at 32 below zero at 3:00 a.m. which seemed to be a very active time for the lights. Thank you for sharing your gifts.
March 16, 2002 6:55PM

G. Warren: Amazing photographs, my father is a photographer as well. You have an amazing eye for a picture. My dad runs a stock images buisiness, I will send him to your web page
March 15, 2002 8:25PM

March 14, 2002 2:34PM

Judith Underwood: Your photo's are absolutely fabulous!
March 13, 2002 1:36PM

mansour pier: Photos are terrific !
March 13, 2002 7:11AM

Ronell: Your pictures on the Aurora Borealis is so spectacular that I had to catch my breath... the same I experienced seeing it in real life last year!
March 13, 2002 6:47AM

mark & rosalind atkins: We thought your photo's of the northern lights were breathtaking.
March 12, 2002 12:45PM

R.M.J.Rowe: Exeptionally beautiful picture's.
March 12, 2002 12:34PM

March 12, 2002 2:39AM

Pranav K Mukherjee: Hello Phil , I came to know of this website with your works from a bbc program on tv .The site is fabulous ...and the photographs are nothing short of breathtaking .I never knew that the Northern Lights could be so fascinating ..also your photographs on nature are equally great ....I will be regularly visiting this site. Mr.Pranav K Mukherjee,Head - HR The Ascent Group ,Nagpur ,India
March 12, 2002 12:36AM

Jane: Thanks. Wonderful, spectacular shots. Makes me want to go to the Yukon, now. Jane
March 11, 2002 5:57PM

Jane: Thanks. Wonderfu, spectacular shots. Makes me want to go to the Yukon, now. Jane
March 11, 2002 5:57PM

cora: When I lived in Idaho as a child, I remember seeing the lights, but not in this vivid of detail. I now live a lot farther south with many city lights. I miss those winter nights. These are absolutely breathtaking pictures.
March 10, 2002 8:35PM

John Williamnson: Magnificent! I'm truly "Philled" with awe and wonder
March 10, 2002 11:52AM

LYNN: You pictures are absoutely breathtaking works of art. I have had only one opportunity to see the lights and only had a cheap camera with me, my pictures of course did not turn out. I was so excited to come accross your site. Oh and I agree with the previous comments by Jay and the calander.
March 10, 2002 9:06AM

Candace Carman: I enjoyed visiting. I think your work is very fine. I found the link to your site through a Yahoo focus on the Northern Lights site. Candace Carman: Photographs, Digigraphs and Original Art.
March 8, 2002 2:39PM

Dianne Hinz: The pictures you sent Sam were awesome.
March 6, 2002 9:32AM

Paul Driesbach: Your pictures are breathtaking. Any way a person can get a copy of some of them?
March 6, 2002 8:50AM

Jasmine from Canada: Dear Sir, Your images are breathtaking! I was delighted to find your website through Webshots. Thank you for the magical moments that I had looking, after a long and difficult day at the moment I feel serene and refreshed. Your work makes me want to take a deep breath and simply relax.
March 2, 2002 3:20PM

Jay Sawicki: Your pictures are absolutely amazing. When they said a picture is worth a thousand words, they didn't see your pictures because they make me speechless. You definitely capture the moment and more. Your pictures belong in a museum. Keep up the great work and when is your calendar coming out, it will outsell my favorite photographer Ansel Adams.
March 2, 2002 9:11AM

March 2, 2002 7:04AM

John Anderson: Thanks for posting these, Phil. Once, the family did a road trip between Calgary and Saskatoon. It was one of the very few times in my life I regretted having to drive. These lights bounce and waver and with stars and the moon; possibly some clouds, they give whole new meaning to the word 'awesome'. They are so beautiful, they are beyond words. Poetry maybe.
February 28, 2002 4:53PM

Jean Bressan: Absolutely beautiful work! Are you ever the same after seeing such beauty?
February 26, 2002 4:46PM

Larry B (Boca Raton, FL): Phil, Fantastic! Whew! My budddy in Minneapolis sent me the site. I've never had the privelege in viewing them. What a sight to behold. Super job! Thanks!
February 26, 2002 12:19PM

Susan Osak: I am in speechless awe.
February 25, 2002 7:03PM

Paul (Seattle, WA): Thank you for bringing beauty into my day. You are indeed a gifted photographer!
February 25, 2002 6:16PM

Matt Pearsall: I just found your site through Mailshell. Do you do this for a living? That's MY dream! I hate you, I hate you! :) I love you. Could you show me how? I've stolen almost all of the images, and I'm using them in a slide show presentation to sell... Nothing. I am going to use them as the most beautiful wallpaper I have ever seen on my computer, or anywhere for that matter. I wish I could afford one of them. They make me think of the type of place I want to retire to and take pictures. :) Absolutely stunning work! I almost had a reiligous experience while seeing them! Truly inspiring! I'm quitting my job, and moving to the Yukon! Thank you for the push in the right direction! :)
February 25, 2002 9:04AM

Sandra Goldstein: Thank you so much for sharing your pictures with the rest of us. The Northen Lights have allways been a mistery to me and thanks to you I can now say I have "seen" them. Someday I hope to say I "was there". Thanks again.
February 25, 2002 5:17AM

Pat Giles: I love your work. Especially enjoy the aurora, rainbow, landscape and animal pictures. You are a wonderful talent. Thanks for making your work available for view.
February 23, 2002 4:46PM

Bill: Phil: I was talking to your Dad today (Feb. 23/02) as we were both preparing to take pictures at the 2002 Saskatchewan Winter Games biathlon closing ceremonies, and he suggested I have a peek at your website. I must say your photos are absolutely stunning! I have bookmarked the page so I can return from time to time to enjoy the beauty of the scenes you have captured. Best regards, Bill Hancock, editor, Humboldt Journal, Humboldt Sask.
February 23, 2002 2:14PM

Gretchen Mathis: Hi, Phil those are beautiful and I enjoy your little video of your pictures. I have had the chance to visit Alaska in Aug. of 1997, would love to go back and take some of my own pictures about the time these make there appearance, I love any thing about nature in which we live in. Thank you for sharing.
February 23, 2002 9:39AM

sue B: Great pictures! Location, Location, Location! Your talent really shows. Found this site through USA Today. Thank you for a few moments of optic pleasure.
February 22, 2002 4:33PM

Melody Olaker: Thanks for sharing some of your photos with someone like me that will probably never get to see the real thing. Beautiful pictures! I admire your talent of photographing nature, and I'm sure part of the reward is the opportunity to observe these yourself. Roll on.
February 22, 2002 9:34AM

Melody Olaker: Thanks for sharing some your photos with someone like me that will probably never get to see the real thing. Beautiful pictures. I admire your talent of photographing nature, and I'm sure part of the reward is the opportunity to observe these yourself.
February 22, 2002 9:34AM

Joanne: Phil.....Fine work....I wish I had the talent to capture the world as you are able to do....I am going to work on seeing the beauty in nature. You have inspired me.
February 21, 2002 9:32AM

Woody Peet: Fantastic photography. keep up the superb work and thanks for sharing it with the world.
February 18, 2002 5:06PM

Thomas J. Cunningham: I am new to the internet and viewing your work was a great learning experience, thanks
February 17, 2002 10:57PM

Steve: Phil, you are awesome! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent with us.
February 15, 2002 10:50PM

Kim: I lived in Canada for 7 years. I had almost forgotten some of the beautiful sights and wonder available. The aurora being the main one. If there were anything I could share with my hubby and kids, that is what it would be. More magic. Thank you for your pictures. They really brought back memories.
February 3, 2002 7:08PM

Marilyn Homer: Mr Hoffman, I am planning a trip to Alaska in 2003, sometime in September. Hopefully I will get to see the Aurora Borealis at some time while visiting. I have a Nikon N70 camera, what lense would you suggest I have and film for taking pictures of the lights? Also, where should I go for best viewing. I will be flying into Anchorage and have 10 days. Thanks, Marilyn
January 30, 2002 8:06AM

stine: very nice Phil!!!!!! the photoes was beautifull!!!
January 25, 2002 12:20AM

Berni & Cliff Albers: Congratulations, Phillip on being the winner for 2001 especially considering all the entries. We were talking to your mom and dad and they told us about this site and we have viewed some of your pictures. They are very nice. Enjoy the trip to Norway.
January 22, 2002 6:24PM

michelle: Phil, you are an outstanding photographer, I would love to learn from you and pick your brain. Your pics remind me that i need to take advantage of the next year I have left here in Alaska. Feel free to stop by Anchorage and teah a photography class. I 'll fill it up for you.....we'd appreciate once again, they're great, i hope to be like you "when i grow up" : ) Michelle ps..any tips would be appreciated
January 11, 2002 11:09PM