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Guestbook for: chiang
Michael Aller-Shondel: Hello everyone..I'm Herb Shondels long lost son born May 27 1965. I live in Gresham,OR.
December 29, 2001 5:46PM

Bonnie Brock-Anderson: I am Haili Shondel's soon to be mom. The pictures were very good, Haili and I especially appreciate seeing the pictures of her birth father Herb as a child. It is amazing how much Haili looks like him. What a wonderful family site this is! Thank you.
July 14, 2001 2:50PM

Orpha: Oh, Mother! I laughed, I cried. You have put together a wonderful tribute to your family and friends...a wonderful tribute to life. You are genuinely an amazing woman. I am so blessed that you are my mother and my best girlfriend. I will visit your albums often and feel close to you. Love, Orpha
January 21, 2001 4:43PM