I Hope You Dance

Big experimentation day here! Just got some Golden ground for pastel and decided to apply it to watercolor paper (140# so it warped a tad). I have never used grounds before. It came out looking ugly tannish brown so I put a coat of white gouache over it. Used a knife and didn't attempt to control the strokes in any particular way, just spread it and left it. One of my sons came over with a Fuschia (tree almost) and it inspired me to do this little fun piece. When I was young, I always thought fuschias were little dancing fairy ballerinas so I decided to portray them just as that. So, still in a playing mood I decided to do just a quick, fun composition. There is actually a lot more color in the background than shows up here (it looks pretty white here). I can say that it was just a light-hearted quick, easy project and I enjoyed the couple hours a lot approx 12 x 16" some pans & Mungyo sticks.