Spring & Fall Art & Craft Show Occoquan, Virginia

Unique Arts & Craft shops line Occoquan streets
My Pandas, Lion & Winter Glow In PWAS Booth
Silent Shadow on front of booth
Occoquan Park entrance to Riverwalk
Park from the Riverwalk
Resturaunt's decks above the Riverwalk
View from Riverwalk boat parking area
View of the park, too
5/06 Feeding the geese below, fish snatched food!
Fish bigger than Goslings compete for bread!
Amazing site - hundreds of Fish gobble up goodies!
9/07 Fish bigger & more numerous!
Real feeding frinzy from below the ducks!
A slice of bread dissapeared instantly!
What kind of birds are these?
Occoquan Island Late April 2006
The Island is pretty but new bridge construction
hides the Island view from the Riverwalk
April '06 View from my favorite Riverwalk table
Didnt change much - Sept '07 Still feedin' ducks!
Bridge renewal still ongoing
June '08 construction done!
Nice view from RiverWalk 6/08, but no ducks to fee
Occoquan Island late March 2006
Great fishing off the Island
Miss Rivershore from Dumfries, Va ' 06
Occoquan Riverwalk left view Late March 2006
From quaint historic town to this 9/07
Developers creating 20 Million $ plu$ condos
over a year of construction stages
This 3/06 scene changed less than a year later
to this 9/07 Condo boat slip access walk
June 8, '08 10 condos almost finished
10 more to build ;(