"Try to look intelligent"
*Chuck Yeager in-person autograph
*Bill Anders in-person autograph
Rainy Day at the Pad after STS-40 scrub
KSC News Media/Press Site Badging Center
KSC Press Site, STS-52, T Minus One Minute
STS-52 climbs toward orbit
STS-52 launch cloud
Inside the KSC Press Site Center before launch
STS-60 Launch from KSC Press/News Media Site
STS-60 launch cloud
Bob and Mary after STS-60 launch - burrrr
At the STS-71 KSC Crew Arrival
STS-83 Columbia launch
Astronaut spectators
Not all astronaut encounters are good
There's an astronaut in the crowd!
NASA/KSC Banana River Shuttle Launch viewing site
All eyes on Pad-A just before STS-100 launch
An astronaut encounter after the launch
10 Apollo astronauts at Opening of Saturn V Center
1998 Astronaut Class at the Apollo-Saturn V Center
Gene Cernan book signing - Atlanta, GA, 1999
*Gene Cernan signed 'Last Man on the Moon'
John Glenn book signing - 1999, Atlanta
*'John Glenn/A Memoir' signed book
*Jim Irwin 'To Rule the Night' signed book
A Solemn Place
Apollo 15 Seiger flown cover
Apollo 15 cover w/ documentation card
Apollo 15 flown cover documentation
Aldrin on the Moon signed postcard
Aldrin signed Apollo 11 1st anniversary cover
Shepard Signed MR-3 SpaceCraft cover
Gus Grissom signed Check from 1960
Freedom 7 Exhibit
Apollo 11 Exhibit
ASTP Exhibit
First five NASA Administrators
Autographs of seven top NASA leaders
Explorer 1 cover signed by four pioneers
Apollo 11 Flight Directors
Astronaut Selection Board for Group 8
STS-8 flown cover signed by 4 of 5 crew members
Stephen Thorne Signed Letter
NASA Astronauts of Group 7
NASA Astronaut Group 18
John Holliman, CNN Correspondent
John Holliman dies in crash
Apollo 16 "inscription" Autopen