The Highlands' Snow Storm

The Highlands
Ice House
The Back Of The Highlands
Looking East Up The Driveway
Looking West Down The Driveway
12 inches deep
12 inches
Our Shed
Scooby & Bear
The playground
The Basketball hoop
Our Buried Cars
Turkey Vultures On The Barn
Eastern Side Of Barn
The Barn
The barn
The Highlands' Old Horse Stables
The Hen House
another tree lost from the weight of the snow
The front yard
Joey's Jungle
The front yard looking south
The front yard looking east
The front yard looking west
Western Side of House
Looking South in the Front yard
The front Western Field
Looking North in the back yard
Looking East in the yard
more of the Eastern Side of yard
A lone rooster
Two Roosters & a Chicken
another casualty
broken limbs
The broken Apple tree