2006 MAUI WEDDINGS 2/7/06 -to- 3/3/06

Patti LeGary, Photographer
BLANK & MATHERS 2/7/06, SeaWatch
Shauna and her dad, across SeaWatch lawns
A tender Ceremony Moment
On the golfcourse at SeaWatch
The Bridal Party
Billy's Family
Shauna's Family
Heading to the Beach for pictures!
Blank & Mathers, Just Maui'd
A more casual Bridal Party!
Shauna & Billy at Sunset...
LANG & COSGROVE 2/14/06, Hyatt Regency
Rings & Vows
Ceremony performance
Finishing Touch: Beautiful Dove Release
Dad proudly signs as Witness
Lang & Cosgrove families & friends
Garrett's having a little fun!
Their lovely cake (Garrett's behaving!)
At the Hyatt Oriental Gardens
A romantic kiss along the walkway
A romantic little beach Kiss
Garrett & Gail, Just Maui'd
Beautiful Bride!
Wow! Mr. & Mrs. Garrett Cosgrove
GORUK 2-15-06 Renewal, Polo Beach
Family and Friends of Rod and Debbie
Funny Ceremony Moment
Goruk Ceremony location, Polo Beach
Little Whale-Watchers
Just (re-)Maui'd!
The Goruks toast eachother
Debbie & Rod, newly re-vowed!
Sunset turned out to be pretty good afterall
Cake on the lanai of their Villa
Wood & Karl 3/3/06, So. Malu'aka
During their vows...
Derek & Karen Karl, cuddling...
At the tree by the lawns...
Derek & Karen, Just Maui'd
Karen & Derek, closeup
Under the threat of rain...
On Malu'aka Point...
A little Beach Kiss
A friendly offer from a stranger...
...turned into a sunset Toast...
Derek and Karen in Silhouette