Family Portraits 1/17/06 -to- 5/11/06

Patti LeGary Photography, Maui Hawai'i
Rodriguez Family 5/11/06, Charley Young
Arnold & Serena Rodriguez
Lots of palms!
Rodriguez Aloha to Everyone!!
Serena looks gorgeous!
Lane Family 4/19/06 Polo Beach, Wailea
Grandparents & Grandchildren
The Lanes with their Sons
A cropping lesson:
Lane Family on the Beach
The Lanes in silhouette
...and the Lane Grandchildren
Steiner Family 4/14/06, Makena Cove
Dad and Son
Happy Mom!
Carson, looking at Mommy
All tuckered out!
Chase-Azevedo 4/9/06, Charley Young, Kihei
Dan and Suzanna
Daughter Jessica
Jessica's friend, Eden
Dan and Suzanna, just playing!
Sibley Family 4/2/06, Charley Young
...a little closer...
Emily with Mom
ALOHA! from the Sibleys
Emily & Ross
Ross & Dad
Tim & Pam, still happily ever after!
Reyes Family 3/4/06, Charley Young
Reyes family on the wall...
Yamil and Ruth
Alex with a stranger's parrot
On the Charley Young path
Alex is a climber!
Reyes Aloha! to everyone
Alex, Ruth, Yamil Reyes
Debbie Goruk's family 2-21-06, Makena Cove
Sisters with their husbands
Judy's family
Results of shade on the subjects!
Judy and Andre, alone for a minute!
Nyblom Family 1/17/06, Charley Young Beach
Teri and Wayne
Megan, like a ttle model!
David, cute as a button!
The whole family on a stroll...
Little Family at Sunset
Nyblom Family Silhouette