Space Shuttle Enterprise ALT Flights

ALT Enterprise Flown Flag Presentation
ALT Enterprise Flown Flag Presentation
Space Shuttle Enterprise ALT Crews
Enterprise atop 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA)
ALT-1C-1 Cover autographed by SCA flight crew
ALT AC-1 Cover autographed by Haise/Fullerton
ALT AC-2 Cover autographed by Engle/Truly
ALT AC-3 Cover autographed by Haise/Fullerton
Separation and LIFTOFF!
Enterprise begins free flight after SCA separation
First Enterprise ALT Free Flight
Second Enterprise ALT Free Flight
Third Enterprise ALT Free Flight
Fourth Enterprise ALT Free Flight
Fifth and Final Enterprise ALT Free Flight
Autographs of Enterprise and SCA crews
First Free Flight cover autographed by crew
Second Free Flight photo autographed by crew
Signed in person by 747 Pilot Fitz Fulton
1st Free Flight Cover located in Mission Control
Cover Flown on T-38 Photo Chase on Final Free Flt.
Cover for OV-101 Rollout and Final Free Flight
Ferry Flight Qualification Flight T-38 Flown Cover
Enterprise/SCA Ferry Flight to MSFC, AL