Lisa Lichtenfels Museum Show 3

Jessica & Chelsea
The Goddess Artemis
The Goddess Artimis write up
The Goddess Astar
The Goddess Astar write up
The Goddess Tara
The Goddess Tara write up
The Guardian
The Guardian write up
The Last Mohican
The Last Mohican write up
The New Guinean Warrior
The New Guinean Warrior write up
The Oriental Rapunzel
The Oriental Rapunzel write up
The Scythian Sprite
The Scythian Sprite write up
The Siren
The Siren write up
The Somali Man
The Somali Man write up
The Tlingit Shaman
The Tlingit Shaman write up
The Tutsi Dancer
The Tutsi Dancer write up
The Urban Shaman
The Urban Shaman write up
Valerie write up
Venus Restored
Venus Restored write up
Waiyo and her nephew
Waiyo and her nephew write up
Young Cinderella
Young Cinderella write up
Zora write up