Memories are Made of This

Patty and Robert
Jeanne Grogan and Tony Miano
Ann Barns
Girl Scout troop
"Will we make the big leagues?"
Northfork 1957
Dinner at the Battlo's 1957
Carter Hotel 1952
Marion, Barbara and Elaine
Barbara and Nilda July 1958
Veterans Day 1957
Snow scene 1950's
Ed Shawver's Birthday party
Third Birthday for Betty Shawver Hopp.
Great picture from Welch Library.
Singer sewing class about 1954
Singer Sewing Class 1954
Marion's 20th birthdday 1960
Elaine Breeding
January 1957
Barbara and Jeri Whitely 1956
Falls Mills, VA 1957
Falls Mills, VA 1957
Busy News Room Late 50's
Bluefield Jr, Woman's Club
Margie Clayton, Prom Queen / Jeanne Grogan Annual
Jackson's Mill April 1957
Jackson's Mills April 1956
Windy day May 1957
Free staters at Conservation Camp
Boy's State 1957
Teen Canteen 1956
Teen Canteen 1956
Teen Canteen 1956
Inside the TIC TOC
Shirley and Bill
Delores Gesotti and Shirley Wade 1955
Graduation Night ,May 1957
Jean Battlo, Martha Roman, N-E, Barbara