Almost Heaven

Welch Grade School Fire
Battlo store ad
Pinnacle Rock
Truman's visit to Welch 1957
Kimball High School class
Lois and John Hurt Jr.
Poppy Day. Mr. Keyser
Installing New Lights at Coney Island
parade for the dedication of the parking building
Howard Street 1950's
Elbert company store
Carnival at Gary No.10 in the 1950's
Davy 1938
Don Clark
Welch Court House
Early Wyoming Street
Welch Milk Plant
Grace Hospital operating room
Kimball Hardware Store Store 1941
Inside the Carter Hotel
Kimball 1941
Leon Ramella and Bobby Kennedy
Northfork in the 1930's
Old Welch Emergency Hospital
Welch in the 40's
post card
Jr Womans club in the fifties
Postal employees 1958
Parking Building