Blakely Field

Vacation Bible School 1959
Standing in front of the Waffle Shopp
Nancy's 6 year old birthday party
House of David Players
Welch Senators 1923
Breaking ground for Anderson Memorial Presbyterian
Women at the Anderson Memorial Presbyterian Church
Phyllis Boyd and Yvonne White
Buying a ticket to a Welch Miner's baseball game
Kids at the Blakely Field playground.
Blakely Field KIds
Billy Dawson
Watermellon kids
Bill Dawson
Blakely Field 1947
Nancy and Pee Gee
Tootsie Pop Kids
"Love of my Life"
Do you know where your children are???
Halloween Party 1958
Blakely Field Halloween Party 1958
Another photo of Blakely Field
On the church steps
Blakely Field
Eva, Phyllis, Yvonne, and Ann
Barbara 1957
Anerson memorial Presbyterian Church Choir
Blakely Field Girls
Bible School Class
Real 50's gals
Track and Field Meet
Barbara on bridge
Evadell's birthday party
Now, This is good looking!!!
Tommy Mitchell