Welch High School Sports

Welch Hi Foot ball team
1956 Welch High Football team
Welch High School Baseball 1948
American Legion baseball team 1949
Welch Maroon Wave baseball team 1946
Welch High School 1953 Jr. Varsity football team
Welch high School 1953 Varsity basketball team
Welch Gary Game 1956
Welch High Basketball 1946
Welch High basketball 1946
Welch High School Basketball 1944
Welch High School football 1950
Jerry Farris
1956 All Stars
Lettersman Club 1954
Welch Hi megaphone
Welch High School Basketball
Welch Hi 1945
1945 Welch High School Cheerleaders
Two of our great coaches in the 50's
Homecomming 1959
Dennis Clark
Barbara standing on the Pineville Goal Post.
Junior Hi Cheerleaders
1952-53 Cheerleaders
Frank Bary and Sonny Villani
1955 Welch Hi Basketball team.
1957 Welch Hi Basketball team
Great Little Bit of History