The N & W system
Schedule- Northfolk to Cincinnati via N&W
Locomotive panel
N & W 611
N & W 611
The N & W 611
High Noon Train
N &W Dry Fork Branch July 11, 1959
Welch Train Station and Memorial Building
Class J 4-8-4
2-8-8-2s Blue Ridge Grade
Alco RS No 321, followed by an RS-3 and two RS-11s
Steam locomotive buit in 1906
Freight Train Wreck in Maybeury
Potomac Eagle
Bluefield Rail Shops
Inside a train
McDowell County script
Another N&W train
Last Type train in WV
N&W Fall Scene
Old N&W car
Our Dad Wayne Dawson
Elkhorn excursion in 1891
Powhatan Arrow 611
NW's Bicentennial Train