P J Parties

Being creative ??
Nancy "Head over heels"
Elaine's PJ party
Go back to sleep Ann.
Elaine's pj party
Elaine's party
PJ party
PJ party
Barbara with another Pepsi
January 1956
Cheer up!!!
Welch 1957 On Virginia Avenue
Almost a can can !!!
October 1957
Mid Nite Snack
Marion's p j party
POP CORN is ready !!!
WOW !!!
curling hair to look pretty for tomorrow
Ann's p j party July 1957
Nilda's PJ party 1956
Marion's 20th Birthday August 1959
Elaine and Marion
Can you guess who's legs these are???
Anne's P J Party
Emelia's P J party
P J Party 1958
PJ Party at Nilda's
1957 Baby Dolls
Whos on first?
Going Home to sleep
Pillow Fight
Orginal Make Over
Drunk on Pepsi
Shall we dance??