Trash To Treasured & Hobby Horse Progressions

White over faded brown - what a difference!
Day One: Astec gold
The eyes have it!
Day two: color for the tack, Handbar removed
Day Three: More coats & basecoat blanket
Day 4 - 5: Metalic blue & gold over tack basecoats
Day 6: Tack Enhancement
A Clear Coat To Seal Makes A Difference!
Bridle detail - Handbar removed
Day 7 : Tiny Mane Flowers & Ribbons; Silver Shoes
Gossamer Ribbons To Anchor Large Roses
Katrina Delays, Posies Around Tail Sash..
Ready for more Posies
A few more over a bumpy rump!
Minimized the plastic mold line...
Gossamer Ribbon Base for Bridle Flowers
Plot & plan out Cascading florals...
Hmnn...not quite rite....
A Few Changes with Ribbon Tails in the Wind!
More Pink Ribbons, Gold Metalic Glaze!
'Hurricane' name came because...
Large Roses added - Handbar removed
Detail of Bridle Cascade
Left Neck Sash
Front Sash
Right Neck
Saddle Cascade Down the Left Flank
detail from the back
Top of Rump
Top from the back
Right Flank Cascade
Flowers to da Max!!!
Cure For The "Energizer Bunny" in kids!
Frame shows what original unit looked like!
Brown base with black detailing half done
'Corral' Frame, Recycled with paint!
Worth getting more people to recycle toys ...
Ready to gallop off to Willow's house!
Child's View - saddle 33 inches tall!
Did I forget the name on the saddle oval? No!
Freecycle Rescue, tired & rusty, needing paint
I see the potentials & You can too - link!
Base Coat Reveals Details & Theme!
Found a Brand on this 'Maverick' mustang
Layers of Colors begin
Red & Blue for tack
Basic Colors Finally On!
Layers of color brought out details
Metalic paint toned down bright colors
Silver brings out Saddle Details
Gun & rope details
Brand still shows on heart spot ; )
Spots cover previous damage
Another family Heirloom!
Bridle & Head detail
Finished, at last!
Reassembled, For Sale!
Newest Aquisition, in desperate need of color!
Body & Saddle base colors
Bringing out legs, mane & tail color
Intricately "Carved" Details brought out
A week of layering colors!
Each side has different "carved" details
Antiqued saddle to mute bright colors
Bridle base colors
Metalic paint details, then antiqued the bridle
"Dream Catcher"
For Sale!
Super Quad Dream Catcher
Another Discard Found!
Major Cleanup needed
Left on porch for years, then freecycled to me : )
New leather ears, colorful yarn for mane & tail
Discarded Welcome fountain will be a decorative