Biography Kat Bunker
7 years old in '62
our wedding 1983
Kat teaching
Jenna at Salem MA Pirate Festival
Jenna inspired by Tia Dalma
4year old car mechanic Jenna
Jenna 1-14-96
8 yr old Jenna sculpted horse
for Jenna's senior yearbook
my daughter & her puppy
my family
Skye, world's best puppy
Rosie w Kat drivin'
daughters' dreams
daughter & friends
Jenna learning her Dusty Strings Celtic Harp
Jenna and her new Triplett
Jenna just before the Senior Prom
Senior Prom
Jenna & Skye-dog
Skye lounging
cancun beach at sunrise
Kat Bunker
Jenna & Kat at Cardiff Castle Banquet
Brian & Jenna at 3D movies
Noah and Kat at Prom
Jenna and Brian and the Cosmic Caddy
Jenna dressin' 50's
Kat, Jenna & Noah
Jenna at Lead East Prom 2009