The Highlands Returns To Hollywood PART III

Frank and Kristy
Brandy & Lauren Sue
Brendali & Aimee
Brendali & Aimee
Brendali, Aimee & Debra
Kristy, Camille and Brandy
Victoria's Secret?
Ready For The Workout
Off to dinner...
Debra & Brendali
Lauren Sue, Camille, Debra
Kristy, Lauren Sue, Camille
Camera Shy?
Will The Waiter
The Laugh Attack
Punch drunk
Searching For A Creepy Jefferson
Will & his most memorable table
Into The Woods
Debra The Stalker
Tip Toe, through the Azaleas
Night Stalkers
Mari? Oh, Mari?
Kristy and Laura
Aimee, LS and Brandy
Frank, the producer, and Lauren Sue
Lauren Sue and Julie, the Stylist
Debra The Diva
Debra & Colleen
Have our cake...
and Eat it too...
Got Peanuts?
Debra's Dinner Date
A man of few words
Lauren Sue, Camille, The Man, Debra & Laura
The Orangers?
Fruity Friends
An Orange Sunset
Debra's Studio View Shot