Digital Collage 2

Bird View
Fanciful Old Truck
Through a Lace Curtain
Universal Truths
Feeding the Pigeons in St. Stephen's Green
Reflecting on a New Day
Three Chairs; No Waiting
Bike on green wall
Important Mail
The Dandelion Queen
The Dandelion Queen 2
Dahlia in Black and White
Three Graces Commune
Oh! Agamemnon!
Stopping By Berry House
Taking Time
A Dog's Best Friends
Lonely Serenade
Bird Watching
Mind Your ps and qs
Symbols of Faith
Automobile on Ice
Nile Foolery
Attend to Each Day
Night Moves
Fiery Sky
Was it Something I Said?
Memoires des vacances
A Good Report
Painter Under the Influence
Night in a Foreign City
Eenie Meenie...
The Teacher
Wisteria Fantasy
Carrying the Water
May Procession
Water Carriers
Sunday Stroll
Buddha Dreaming
Un Dia Caliente