The Highlands Returns To Hollywood PART II

Mari Winsor
Mari and her makeup artist
Mari Winsor and the stylists
The Set
Lights, Camera, Sweat
Phil Scarpacci, Director
Touch Ups
Talking With Mari
Cooling Off
My Outfit
Another AC Break
yet another Sweat break
The Monitors
The Pilates Divas
The Pilates Divas
Debra & Mari
Debra & Daisy
Another view of the stage
yet another view of the set
Debra, Mari & Daisy
My Hair for the WorkOut Scenes
Getting Ready To Shoot Workout
The Workout Set
The Workout
Rehearsing the Workout
Lauren Sue & Mari
Daisy & Lauren Sue
The Gang
The Gang 2
Debra & Mari
Laura & Mari
Daisy & Camille
Daisy & Laura
Daisy & Debra
Mari Winsor & the Producer Frank Jansen
Deon, 1st assistant director, w/ Mari Winsor
New Sets...
Debra's Faux Nasa Office
Debra's Interview
Laura's Interview
Lauren Sue, Camille, Debra