Mixed Media Quilts

Fluttering through time
Intimations of Immortality cushion
Green is not a Color. it's peace of mind
La Bella Vita
Vouloir 4 x 4
PaperWhimsy Quiltie
Oriental 4 x 4
Paperwhimsy July Calendar Page
Tea Dance (February 2007 mingle)
January 2007 mingle
My favourite things
The Love Express
With my own fair hands
Pure and endless light
The Sun has got its Hat on
Quiltie for Patti
Fabric Page for Patti B
Fabric page for Patti B
Fabric page for Laura (other side)
Fabric page for Laura
Paul Klee quiltie
Monet 4 x 4
Klimt quiltie
Georgia O'Keeffe Quiltie
Quiltie 1 back
Quiltie 1 front
Fabric page for Barb
A perfect 10
Poivoir de l'image
On the Wings of Time
I believe
Valentine quiltie for Patti
I love dogs
In Memory of my Father
Fabric Collage Square 4
May Flowers
Starry Night quilt
Eiffel Swap 2
Life is a Journey