Purse of the Month Club

Lulu G uinness Scalloped Doctor's Bag
60's Summer Tote Set
Halter and Capri Pants
YSL Luxembourg Purse
YSL Tote Set
Bodysuit & Shrug -- Skirt
May 2014 -- Coach
C oach Tote Set
Body Suit & Skirt
Bomber Jacket
Tan Pants
Sweet Petite Tory Burch
Tory Burch Tote Set
Bodysuit / Pants Option
Polka Dot Body Suit
March 2014
V ersace Bucket Bag
V ersace Tote Set
Green Silk Dress
Wine & Silver Silk Dress
Valentine C hanel
Valentine tote set
Body suit & Boucle Skirt
F erragammo Piped Purse
Calypson Tote Set
Jackie Tote Set
2-tone Retro Bathing Suit
Clam Digger Set
Flower Power halter & bellbottoms