The Highland Hollywood Star

Sleepy Boy
The Huntley Hotel
My room
More of my room
More room views
The flat screen plasma TV
All The Comforts Of Home
Lake Lauren
The Bathroom
The Shower
The Shower
The Vanity
The Panoramic View
The Panoramic View
Boat on Horizon
another bedroom view
Santa Monica Beach
The Palm Trees
The Guthy-Renker Gifts
after 5 years, finally meeting in person
Lauren Sue
Dinner Bun
LSB210 & Jess_Jugs
Jess, Roxanne & Lauren Sue
The Winsor Women
Before Photo
Buns and Thighs
All dressed up
The Location
Wardrobe 1
Wardrobe 2
The Set
The Set
Behind The Set
Another View of The Set
Hair and Make Up Room
Make Up
Hair and Make Up
Judy and Lauren Sue
Final Touches
more Final Touches
Claire's Hair
Amy, Make Up Artist
The conference call
The Food Tent
My Pilates Location Shoot
The Pilates
The Pilates
Another Pilates Set
Jess & Hector
Jonathon, Frank, Jess & Cort
Julie, Jess and Sarah
My Interview Outfit
Plumber Pants
Before and After Makeup
Famous For A Day
The Infamous Winsor Pose
March 2001 Mommies Meet
Group Hug
California Dreamin'
March 2001 Bed Mates
The Guthy-Renker Gifts
Kristy from Guthy-Renker
March 2001 Mommies
Jess, Susie and Kristy
Wendy and a Laughing Hyena
The Jet Setter and Jenn
Having Our Cake and Eating It Too!
Kodak Moment
Amanda, Ryen and Ethan
Message In The Sand
Not the Atlantic
Moon Over Santa Monica
Santa Monica Beach
Pissed Off
One Last Hug In Hollywood
Chubbie, Lauren and Jess
The Palm Tree
Don't Break The Ice
Bubble Buddies