Family Portraits 4/11/05-to-9/30/05

Patti LeGary, Photographer
Allred Family 9/30/05, Makena Maui
The "kids" at play!
Aloha! from the Allred Family
Taking a beach stroll together
Allred Family, nicely posed...
OOOPS, the water's coming in!
Eric & Krystyn, practicing for tomorrow!
Allred Family, closeup
Wasilewski Family 8/13/05, Charley Young Beach
Matthew Wasilewski
Elizabeth Wasilewski
Example of 'cropping' for closeup
A possible Christmas Card?
Wasilewski Family on lava boulder
Petersen Family 7/22/05, Charley Young Beach
The Petersen kids
3 Generations
Kathy and J.R.
Roya and Chuck
Roya and Chuck with kids
Aloha! from the Petersen Family
Petersen Family on a walk
Jackson Family 7/19/05, Mokapu Beach, Wailea
Jackson Family #1
Jackson Family #2
Jackson Family Cousins #3
Jackson Family #4
Bolender 40th Anniversary, Mana Kai 7/5/05
...and with their grandchildren...
Bolender Family
...Just for fun!
Chancing big waves for this one!
Aloha! to all their friends
Bolender Family at Sunset
Bocchino/Dual Purpose Portraits 6/3/05 Mana Kai
Madison, Jenn, Joe, Matthew, and Megan
Bocchino Family Aloha!
And now, Bocchino Renewal Bridals
Bocchino Portraits-Bridal Family
Bocchino Portraits-Over the Threshold
Joe & Jenn Bocchino
Bocchino under the veil
Chase-Azevedo Family, I'ao Valley 4/11/05
Jessica & friend Amanda
At the Heritage Gardens, I'ao
At the ceremonial Hut, I'ao Valley
On the river at I'ao Valley