Dickens Festival - Riverside, Ca. February, 2005

Decorating the Pub
Lady Skye - Attending Mr. Pickwick's Pub Night
Lady Birdie Trefethers Attends Mr. Pickwick's Pub
The Ladies Skye & Trefethers
Gordon Highlander Piper - Mr. Pickwick's Pub Night
The beauteous Lady Skye
Mr. Dickens
Maggie, Ernesto and Lady Skye
Mrs. Dicken's entertains
Lady Birdie with her new pub hat
The Dashing Mr. Pickwick
The lovely & talented Mrs. Fezziwig
Celtic Dancer
Celtic Dancers
Celtic Dancers
The Debonair Mr. Fezziwig
Ernesto & Mr. Fezziwig
Mr. & Mrs. Fezziwig
Mr. Pickwick & Mr. Dickens
Marlowe's Shadow Performing at Pub Nite
Mr. Dickens
Ladies Shopping
Mr. Fezziwig - "At your Service!"
"Hats Off to Dickens"
'Why, it's old Fezziwig. Bless his heart!"
The Fezziwigs
Mrs. Fezziwig attends the street faire
Delightful Mrs. Fezziwig
Lady Birdie Trefethers
Lady Skye in her new finery.
"No, That's not Buffalo Bill!"
Gordon Highlanders
Gordon Highlanders Queen's Review
Lady Skye and Birdie take the air
First Lt. Richard Hanna with charming ladies
"The Oldest First Lt."
Civil War Group with Lt. Hanna
Tea Time with Lady Skye
Ernesto at the tea table
Maggie at the tea table
Beautiful Lady at the fashion show
Widow's Weeds at the Fashion Show
At the Street Faire
Her Royal Majesty, Queen Victoria and children
Dance Program - Mr. Fezziwig's Ball
Lady Skye Dancing
Queen leads the Grand March
Mr. Fezziwig's Grand March
Birdie & Mr. Fezziwig dancing the Grand March
Lovely Ball Gowns
Taking the air
Sal's Sister
Queen Victoria & Family
Beautiful Ball Gown!