5th US Trip - Diving in Catalina (Underwate)

Blue-Banded Goby
Round Sting Ray
Garibaldi I
Garibaldi II
Garibaldi III
Octopus in the Nest
Swell Shark
Male Sheephead I
Male Sheephead II
Male Sheephead III
Female Sheephead
Rock Wrasse
C-O Sole I
Giant Kelp Fish
NOt sure if it's Sea Bass too
Kelp Bass V
Kelp Bass IV
Kelp Bass III
Kelp Bass I
BlackSmith School
Fish School Crossing by Giant Kelp
Busy Traffic in the Forest
The shadow should be Senorita
Giant Kelp XIII
Giant Kelp IX
Giant Kelp VIII
Giant Kelp XI
Giant Kelp VI
Giant Kelp III
Giant Kelp II
Giant Kelp VII
Kelp Forest X
Kelp Forest IX
Kelp Forest VIII
Kelp Forest VI
Kelp Forest IV
Kelp Forest III
Kelp Forest I