"On The Hill"

Spanish class
Heavy Load
Stair Steps
On the play ground about 1954
Maken' music
JIm Friel
"Really studying hard"
Geraldine, Joyce and Shelby
'see no evil"- "Hear no evil"
6th grade Christmas Dancers 1951
Joyce Hall is a genius.
Classmates on the playground 1954
Classmates on the playground 1954
In class about 1954
Mrs. Armour's Snow Flakes : Operetta March 1956
Mrs. Armour's Snowmen: Operetta March 1956
"On The Hill"
"Climb that hill"
The New Gym as it looks today
Mr. Richardson
Halloween about 1953 or 54
Miss Tony's typing class about 1956
Football players waitng to go to practice
Hamming it up!!! About 1954 or 55
A great fifties photo
Maroon Wave Staff 1957
Maroon Wave staff 1961
Maroon Wave staff 1953
Miss Barnard, Mrs. Gilley and Miss Peraldo
Johnny and Sonny Villani
"On The Hill" 1956
1956 May King and Queen
Remember Changing Classes?
Drivers ED
Craft with Mrs. Gilley
Mrs. Gilley's 6th grade class
The best of the best
Crafts with Mrs. Gilley
Little ones
Mrs. Propst 4th grade
Welch Elememtary School
Welch Elementary School
1910 First Welch high School class.
Welch Elementary and Welch High