2005 Maui Weddings, 1/1/05 - to- 2/20/05

Patti LeGary, Photographer
Cummins & Martens 2/20/05, SeaWatch
Lower Knoll, SeaWatch
A very private Ceremony Moment...
Cummins & Martens Bridal Pary
A little stroll at Po'olenalena
Heather & Dale...
Over the Threshold, Maui-style
Cake on the face!
Just having fun!
At the Lower Pond, SeaWatch
Langford & Saffold, 2/15/05, Maui Prince Gardens
Ready to say their Vows
Butterfly Release
at the Maui Prince Waterfall
Langford & Saffold with guests...
Brad & Sarah, Just Maui'd!
Happy & Married!
Beautiful Sunset for Brad & Sarah!
A kiss on the beach...
And then...
Womach & Keegan 1/18/05, Makena Surf
A little pause on the path to the beach
Stephanie & Robert, in ceremony
Just Maui'd!
Wow! check out the surf!
Playful & so Cute!
Robert & Stephanie...
and they had a beautiful sunset...
Rodriguez & Centeno 1/20/05, So. Malu'aka
Back-view of Jose & Nyrsa with Rev. Barry
Making it Legal...
Nyrsa & Jose
Beautiful scenic background...
Now, down to the beach!
Nyrsa & Jose, Just Maui'd!
She's "Mrs." now!
and now, let the Honeymoon begin!
1-1-05 Walter & Goldstein, Hyatt Regency
Christa & Ken in the Hyatt lobby
Christa & Ken in the garden...
Con't. on Jan. 3rd, So. Malu'aka
A little beach stroll
We would've done this on their Wedding Day...
Ken & Christa
Over the Threshold (again)...
Stunning Sunset!