Calligraphy by Jan Hurst

Song Lyrics and Watercolor
Company logo
Bible Inscription
IF - Bookhand detail
"IF" by Rudyard Kipling
The Serenity Prayer
Ascension Blessing
Detail of Ascension Blessing
i carry your heart
Gallery grouping
Happy Quotes
Clean Sweep
Bleach on Black
Lean on Me framed
Lean On Me
Lean on Me - detail
Menu May 2010
Hand lettered invitations
The Greatest Good
A Sense of the Beautiful
You Are My Sunshine - cutout grid of basic block R
Goethe quote
Mother Teresa quotation
Friends at Iampeth in Nashville
A Pear is Like a Lady
Centennial Graphics Group stationery
No Love, No Friendship - Pointed Pen Script
Tools of the Trade
Corita Kent quote 1 - Pointed Pen Script
Corita Kent quote 2 - Pointed Pen Script on waterc
Christmas card 2005
Cover of Friendship book - handmade book
Without Friends - italic
Proverbs - Uncial
Garden/Friendship - Gothicized Italic
Friendship Circle - pointed pen script
Friend or family quote - italic
Last Minute - a playful squared-off italic
Butter and Sugar - a casual mixed letter style
My Old Kentucky Home - Copperplate Calligraphy
The Quality of Mercy - brush-lettered black letter
Practice Pages - Bone
Save the Wine! - A Relaxed Roman letterstyle
Wind - Casual Uncial-Roman mix
Nature's Music - adapted Weaver Writing
Life's Tapestry - italic variation
Luvisahelluvalottawork - playful drawn foundationa
Happy Valentine's Day! - mixed letter style
Three handmade books
Page 1, Octavio Paz book
Detail/Octavio Paz book - a Roman/Uncial variation
Octavio Paz book pages
Helen Keller quote - pointed pen manipulated Roman
Evil - 'skeleton letters'
Beautiful People - flourished italic