2004 Maui Weddings 10/18/04 -to- 12/11/04

Patti LeGary, Photographer
12/11/04 Labine & Watson, So. Malu'aka
Just pronounced Husband & Wife
Just Maui'd!
A little windy, but still a pretty picture!
Tyler, going for the garter...
A sunset toast
Watson Rings
A little stroll on So. Malu'aka Beach
A Happy Shaka!
Andrews & Jimenez 11/20/04 SeaWatch
Brandon and his Guys
Linda with her Ladies
Friends & Family
Jimenez/Andrews Bridal Party
Now down to Po'olenalena Beach
Brandon takes her over the Threshold...
What a beautiful couple!
Sunset was gorgeous!
Linda with The Guys
The cake-feeding got a little wild...
One last photo...
Groner & Friederich 11/13/04, So. Malu'aka
Rose & Greg on their way down the Malu'aka Path
Greg & Rose, in Ceremony
Rev. "Tino" Valentine Rosete
Having fun signing the papers...
...a little chivalry goes a long way...
Oooooh, here comes sunset!
Beautiful day, great Ceremony, cute couple!
Just as happy as can be!
Off to the Honeymoon!
Chong & Olsen 10/22/04, So. Malu'aka, Maui
The Kiss
Big Wedding-Hugs
As a quartet...
Making it "legal"
Chong & Olsen Bridal Party with Laurie and Rev. Al
A Toast to the happy couple!
Enjoying their wedding day...
Aloha! to everyone, from Alvin and Lani
Boyett & Moore 10/18/04, So. Malu'aka
Rev. Al just told them they're married!!!
Just signed their certificate, so...
...lounging around Malu'aka
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Moore!
Liz & Steve...so cute!!!
Goodnight! and Aloha!