Hitty Under the Tuscan Sun

A Farmhouse in Montisi
Another view of the house.
Praying Mantis
Autumn Fields
A Typical Tuscan Landscape
A Typical Tuscan Landscape
Good Morning, Tuscany!
Little Bo Hitty
Pomegranate Tree
Lemon Tree
A Garden of Eden
Farm Fresh Eggs
Olives on the Branch
Olives... Just My Size.
Fruit of the Vine
The Road to Montisi
Olive Trees
A Town on a Hill
Bustling Downtown Montisi
Montisi's Post Office
I Can See Our House From Here!
Deruta Ceramics
Frescoes in an Abbey
Abbey View
The Town of Buonconvento
Village Homes
Montalcino's Fortezza
An Avenue of Cypress Trees
Locanda dell' Amorosa
I Love Lucca
Siena's Duomo
Piazza del Campo, Siena
Mangia Tower, Siena
The Basilica of San Francesco
A Handsome Pinocchio
Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli
In the Hils above Florence
Piazza della Signoria
David (well, a copy)
Italian Men
Ponte Vecchio
Florence's Duomo
Arrivederci, Italia!
Back Home Again