2004 Maui Weddings 10/2/04 -to- 10/17/04

Patti LeGary, Photographer
Savage & Meisch 10/17/04, Po'olenalena
Terry & Jennifer with Rev. Barry Curl
The Kiss, and now they're...
Jennifer & Terry, Just Maui'd!
Just hangin out...
Like happy little kids!
Jennifer & Terry
Little secrets?
the Meisch Rings
A Toast, then off to dinner...
Sharamitaro & McCarthy 10/11/04, So. Malu'aka
Rev. Tino blows conch to begin the Ceremony
Saying their Vows
They did it!...they're Maui'd!
Bob & Tricia, Mr. & Mrs.!!!
Tricia & Bob with friends and family
a candid moment...
Romance at Sunset
The Day has been beautiful...
Chris & Angie 10/10/04, Wailea Beach Knoll
Chris dips her!
A little fun at Sunset
Chris & Angie on a stroll
Melo and Fitzgerald 10/6/04, Olowalu
Dad hands her to the Groom
Flowergirl feels like a Bride?
A private moment for Dana & Dan
From a different angle...
Bouquet and Jacket
Group candid
Martin & Chester 10/6/04, Po'olenalena
In Ceremony, with Rev. Gary Canier
The Kiss
In "Secret Cove" off Po'olenalena
Ron and Amy, closeup
They did it...
Po'olenalena trees in background...
A kiss on the beach...
King & Spagnuolo 10/2/04, Napili Kai
Vince's Family
Tuesday's Family & friends
How bananas grow...
Yep, they're married now!
Little nude friend on the beach!
Threshold, backwards
And now, the REAL way!
Just another BEAUTIFUL sunset on Maui!
Tuesday & Vince