Gold Coast Ojai Renaissance & Pirate Faire - Lake

"The Three MuscleRears"
Song O'The Sea Trefethers & Family
Starboard Sal-She's always right!
Capt. Qwestor Fickett
Got cha!
Ready to Progress, My Lady
Queen's Progress
Look out for the Hobby Horse
Queen's Progress
Her Royal Majesty The Queen!
Av ye eatin yer vegetables, Matey?"
What a motley crew if ever I saw one!
"Where's all that booty?"
Capt. Qwestor Ficket
What pirate map? That's me granny's shawl!
Smartly there, Me proud beauty!
How much ye give fer the Wench?
Shiver me timbers! This be a saucy wench!
Two saucy wenches for the poop deck!
We'll run ya through!"
Ye tell me a joke & I'll give ya some booty"
arrrrrrr I needs more booty!
"Man that gun, ye cowardly swabs!"
Thar she blows mates
The breeze was fresh, the ship was in stays,
Oh how ripe in show thy lips, those kissing cherri
Starboard Sal
Me bucko
I sez look out for that Gypsy!
Knighted by her Royal Majesty, The Queen!
The lovebirds
Why, that be Song O'The Sea!
God Save The Queen!
Arrrr More Shark bait!
Birdie Song O' The Sea & Mistress Furrbottom
String up that bilge rat!
Measure the landlubber for his chains!
Birdie Song O'the Sea & Capt. Qwestor Ficket
Now, I be off - there be rumours o' hidden treasur