2004 Maui Weddings 9/18/04 -to- 9/29/04

Patti LeGary, Photographer
Kirby & Brown, 9/29/04, Makena Surf
Patrick & Anna with Rev. Al Terry
Anna's bouquet
Cake on the Beach
Cake-Feeding in a different way!
Pink to the South!
Wow! What a sunset!
Anna, having fun!
Mr. & Mrs. Kirby: Bye-bye!
Mr. & Mrs. Tsang, 3 yrs. later, on Paipu 9/25/04
Vivian & Edmund Tsang
They adore eachother!
Vivian & Edmund
Over the Threshold again
A Toast to eachother
A Candle, in Memory of...
...like it was Yesterday...
Brown & Bishop 9/21/04, South Malu'aka
Blessing of the Rings
Just pronounced Husband & Wife!
Lorri and Aaron with Rev. Alalani
On the beach path at So. Malu'aka
Over the Threshold, Maui Style
Oceanside Kiss, (Molokini in the background)
Under the veil...
Lorri & Aaron at play
Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Bishop
Wilson & Grycko 9/20/04, So. Big Beach
A Ceremony Moment...
...while the Moms sign...
Guests of Christine and Jared
After the Ceremony, we walked to Makena Cove
Christine & Jared, Just Maui'd
Mr. & Mrs. Jared Grycko
A sunset stroll...
Just darling! then off to the reception
Cake designed by The Maui Prince...
Helms & Wubker 9/18/04, Private Location
Ceremony on the Lawns...
Parents signing as witnesses
Candid of Sherry and Rono...
Cake-cutting in the garden
Sherry's Bouquet, by Jana
Blk/Wht from color negative
Cool posing tree! Cute couple! Great Sunset!
...and now, off to their Honeymoon!