2004 Maui Weddings 7/24/04 -to- 8/21/04

Patti LeGary, Photographer
James & Burns, 8/21/04, Makena Surf
James & Burns/Vows
...during the Ring Ceremony
Candid Moment/Jessica
"The Hug" (after "The Kiss")
Stephen & Jessica, Just Maui'd!
Twirling in the water
Jessica (James) Burns
Jessica & Stephen in silhouette
Water for a background...
Beautiful end to a beautiful day!
Davis & Turner, 8/21/04, Kalama Park
Finally!...Mr. & Mrs...
"The Kiss" with Dad looking on...
Larry & Jennifer, cutting their cake
A Threshold Kiss
All of the guests!
Family & friends raising a Toast
Beautiful Bride!
Jennifer & Larry
They're such a CUTE couple!
Their Rings
Artwork by Larry Davis, copyright 2004
The Limo?
Bjerke & Simpson, 8/19/04, Wailea Beach knoll
The Kiss
Karen's bouquet
Lee & Karen cut their cake
Off with the hot suit!
Lee & Karen Simpson
...and Happily Ever After...
Weir & Davenport, 7/27/04, Private Estate
Kelley's Dad and Son walk her down the aisle...
Kelley & Jason say their Vows
A little post-ceremony Kiss
Weir & Davenport guests
The new little Family...
Just before sunset...
Jason & Kelly, husband & wife
Davenports in silhouette
Klimczak & Clarstrom, 7/24/04, Renaissance
Connie's Bouquet
Witnesses signing certificate
With the Parents
Renaissance Gardens
Husband and Wife now!
On Ulua Beach
Connie & Bill in silhouette